How to Creating text File using Python?

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Creating a text file using a python script that runs in background on Raspberry Pi

I'm having a problem about the topic in the title. I created a python script on the directory /home/pi/ and it starts running on the background when the Raspberry Pi is booted. It's duty is this: When I push a button that is connected to one of the GPIO's, it will create a folder in it's own directory, then create a text file called 'fileName.txt' at the directory /home/pi/; and write the name of the folder it just created, in this text file. Everything goes fine until the 'create a text file'...


It is probably creating the file in the wrong folder. Try specifying the absolute path where you want...

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How can I go about implementing a Dropbox-like file hosting service using Python?

I am taking a python course at college and my term project involves implementing a python based file hosting service like dropbox. I have made web server using python before using twisted, selectmultiplexing (for multiple clients etc). I need ideas on...


In the old this this would be crazy for the scope of a final project but thanks to the magic of open...

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Creating instances from lines of a text file (Java)?

I have a fairly large project due tonight and I'm stuck. Right now I have to read the lines in a text file that looks like WMU University 269-544-3232 Chicago WMU University 269-544-3232 Detroit WMU University...


As you don't know the number of the lines. It's better each time you get lines one by one and then compare...

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What is the most dirt-simple yet mindful approach to creating a blog web app on shared hosting using a language other than PHP (namely Python)?

I've decided to kickstart my pursuit to proficiency with a server-side language, and so, what better than to create a blog? The thing is, I don't want to use PHP. I think it sucks. I never liked it, and I think other languages (namely Python) can do...


I know you said Python, but have a look at Meteor - they let you deploy to their own free cloud (even...

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When designing a python application, when should I create another class vs creating another .py file?

For example, I get the semantics of when I should create a separate class, but as far as I can tell I'm best off by just creating one large .py file. Assume the project I'm working on is being built from scratch (ie not using a framework that already...


Separation at a file rather than class level is just another level of abstraction to use at the developer...

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Creating a csv file from anform

QUESTION: I have several worksheets that have specific cells that the user fills in, some manually typed, others from using a combo-box to populate the preset data. My question is how can I translate that data from those worksheets to a CSV file? I know...


Jeff, I responded via eamail with a more detailed explanation of this demo code: Sub ABC() Dim cell...

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Question About Using Python to Post to Twitter

What is the easiest way to automate a daily twitter status update with an image? The project is a twitter account that is counting down to a future event.I am working to create a daily update for my twitter account using python. Right now I'm running...


The easiest way is probably something like If This Then That. If you want to keep going the Python way...

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Batch file to create files using a file containing file names

Windows batch file help: I have a file containing a list of files, I want to generate a new file for each of the files in the list. I have filenames.txt, which contains a list of file names with no extension, i.e.: file1 file2 file3 I need a batch file...


Python is the way to go. MeFi likes to mangle Python source, but here goes:template = """...

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Having problem creating text.files in C++?

This is the whole assignment listed below it the last part where I am having trouble putting together. Any Help would be appreciated I hope this gives you a clearer understanding of what I am working on. I am having major problems with my inData and...


If I understand what you're supposed to do, then you need to use loops for the last part. You should...

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