How to avoid using I in a cover letter?

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How to avoid the repetition of "I" while writing a cover ...

I use active voice for cover letter and while doing that I end up with too many "I" and most of the sentences in my letter also begin with "I".

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How to avoid using too many "I's" in a cover letter?

i've heard you should use "you's" instead, but how? what phrases? and how to avoid being too "you" heavy, unless that's not a bad thing


I have never heard of this...But I personally, become very caution when someone starts writing in third...

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help me avoid cover letter pitfalls

I'm writing a cover letter applying to film casting internships in NYC. When I explain why I want to work for specific companies how do I avoid sounding fanboyish? Also how do I broach the subject of my age? I've targeted a few casting companies that...


This is how I explain my late start (52 y/o) in my field. This is a second career for me. I've always...

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Using bullet points in a cover letter?

I can't seem to write a cover letter that flows. How acceptable is it to use bullet points within the body of cover letter for a job application?


It is not generally good practice to use bullet points in your covering letter, especially if you want...

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Using a P.S. in a cover letter?

Is it a good idea to use a P.S. at the bottom of a cover letter to grab the hiring manager's attention?


No, a post script in writing formal letters may have a negative connotation.

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How do you write a Cover Letter for a Work Experience Placement?

I am 18 years old, and I am applying for a work experience programme that a firm has offered they have said that they want my CV and cover letter, I have a CV, but I have no idea how to write a cover letter, what do you include? What is the structure...


I am writing to you regarding the work experience programme I applied for and have enclosed my c/v for...

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Help me with my cover letter to go with my c.v pleeease.?

I just use this one for everything and usually just change the position and where i found the job.but I think it maybe affecting me get a job.I'm o.k at writing but when ever i go to write a cover letter i cant. So if you could help me fix it up and...


This is good. I left school with no qualifications and now 4 years later am in a very steady well-paid...

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Can you look at my cover letter?

i have to write a cover letter and resume for a co-op engineering course an my university. we had to choose one of the fake jobs available to us and write a cover letter and resume for that job. this is the job i have chosen. Canadian Coast Guard Location...


Interesting cover letter. Consider the following: 1) Include the Zip Code for St. John, New Brunswick...

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How write this cover letter?

I am not native speaker in English and I have some difficulties using English , Now I have to write a cover letter for a project that are very important for my future ,the project will be start in three months so I think that, I will be able to improve...


Dear ORGANISER Reading your requirements, I realized that I FULFILL THOSE CRITERIA. Until now I have...

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Special Snowflake Cover Letter

Can you give me some feedback on drafting a cover letter? The special snowflakes flurry within . . . In July, I applied for a senior-ish position with a company. I knew I wasn't quite qualified, but it's a field I'm passionate about and I figured, "...


I need to write a hell of a letter this time about why I'm worth a second look for this position. To...

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