How to become a Chinese teacher?

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How to become a qualified chinese teacher in the USA?

Hi Guys! I am a native Chinese speaker from Hong Kong. I want to be a Chinese teacher in the states. I have done a lot of research about how to get certificated. But I also heard that I don't need to be certificated to teach in private(independent) school. Is that true? If I don't need to be certificated to teach in private school, what kind of certificate do I need? I also heard about TCSOL? I am a native Chinese speaker from Hong Kong, I speak both native Cantonese and Mandarin. I have a bachelor...


Yes, it's true that you don't have to be licensed to teach in private schools. More public schools are...

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How can I become a Chinese-English teacher?

what degree I should take to be a chinese-english teacher? what kind of school I can work for after taking the licence? how much can I earn? thanks. I'm in CA. of US.


You probably need a BA, primariy in Education, but you just really need to focus on Adult Education...

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How do i become a teacher?

Okay let me start off my saying im a Junior in high school about to me a Senior and i wanna go to college to become a teacher in the state of illinois since thats where my family is and i was wondering how exactly do i become a teacher like what classes...


To become a high school science teacher (like I am doing!) you must major in the science(s) you want...

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How to become friends with my teacher?

I am taking a teaching assistant course. So i am a student helping out a teacher in a class of younger age. I am in grade 11 assisting a teacher in a gym class. The students are in grade 10. I am basically a mentor to the students in the class and i...


Hi Jordan, It's a good thing that you are aware of this potentially awkward situation and want to find...

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How can i become a teacher when i leave school?

i want to become a teacher and yesturday at school one of my teachers said somthin that made me think oh maybe theres a chance. she said u dont have to have a brain to be a teacher and u can teach what evr subject ur stronger at and i said french but...


you do have to be smart to be a teacher. whatever subject you choose, you'll have to study in detail...

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How do you become a teacher in Ontario? Canada...?

Hey, my name is Courtney and I am 15. I really want to become a teacher. I plan on become an elementary school teacher and teach grades 1-6. I want to know, what should I do now? In highschool, what types of courses should I take? I am great in English...


Jake - don't answer a question about Ontario, Canada if you don't know anything about the process to...

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I am 14 year old girl. when i grow up, i want to be a teacher! how to become a teacher? step by step plan...?

I am 14 year old girl. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher! How to become a teacher? Step by step plan... I want to know how much money do teachers earn,,, how to become a more


Teaching is a vocation not a job;the pay is rubbish and they work you into the ground. But saying that...

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How can I become a better teacher assistant?

I just started a new job working as a teacher assistant in a public school. I am working primarily in a separate classroom with a group of kids with varying disabilities, e.g. autism and down's syndrome. This is my first time working with kids who have...


First, realize that the kids are going to have good days and bad days. Roll with it. One big meltdown...

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How to become closer to a teacher?

I have this one teacher who is pretty cool. Half he kids who have her love her, the other half hate her... I like her though. She's in her 30s, single, and doesnt have any kids, so she's kind of close with some of her students (since she has no kids...


Well she seems like a great teacher to talk to so if you ever need help with work or anything just stay...

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How to become a teacher, pay, college requirements?

What steps do you need to take to become an elementary school teacher. What is a teacher's typical pay? What college credits or degrees are required? I'm fresh out of high school and need help. If you are a teacher how is it? Was it easy to become a...


The requirements vary by state. Texas requires an English major with Elementary Education as either...

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