How to become a database developer?

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A skilled database developer can find work in a wide variety of fields, including health care, law enforcement...

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Can i become a database developer?

guys..i want a become a database developer...if i get the MCITP certification ...then can a work as a database developer...but the problem is that i am only higher secondary cleared ...plz give me proper suggestion...thanx


Ah? I don't think you need to do anything to be a database developer. You just need to learn and become...

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Do I need to learn database to become a web developer?

I know HTML and CSS and currently learning javascript. but what about database? also which database should i learn?


You don't need to be a SQL expert, but knowing how to connect to a database using some sort of data...

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Take a lot of the one where you learn the quadractics and usually the of data and such is good too

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What are some skills required to become a database developer? 10 points to best answer!?

Best answer will go to the person who lists the technical and soft skills required along with job responsibilities!


Basically just know your computer. Just because you are doing databases does not mean you will not have...

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How should I re-learn Computer Networks, Operating System and Database management systems again (out of school) as related to industrial work needs?

I studied Bachelors in Computer Science from a unknown college in India (where the education system is different from USA. We study the book 2 nights before exam and we pass the paper. Only theoretical knowledge and nothing practical). I later did Masters...


Try massively provided online courses that are free for now! For Computer Networks: Computer Networks...

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Database Administration/Development Career

What can I do to become a database administrator or developer if I'm starting basically from zero? Kind of on a whim I just did a short on-line SQL course (something very basic) and I really enjoyed it. I’ve worked with databases at...


1. Programming Languages: More SQL, more SQL and the stock languages for writing stored procedures on...

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What are the ways to break into NY's finance for software developer?

Hi all,   I need an advise on my further career development.   Some background: I'm a 24 years old software engineer. I've got a master's degree from one of the European universities some time ago and now I'm working in one of the top US software corporations...


Study on your own. C++ is a very useful thing to know, so that's working in your favor already. Java...

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I want to get a job as Oracle Pl/SQL developer with 2 yrs fake experience. what courses should i have to learn?

I'm 2011 passed out in B.Tech(Computer Science). With lack of confidence & ignorance wasted my 2 valuable yrs. But now i wanted to become a Oracle database developer by any way. more


The private courses are useless. Instead of a useless course, pay someone to let you work in Oracle...

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When developing the minimal viable product for an iPhone app, is it ideal to have one "front-end" developer handling the client-side scripting (xcode/obj-c) and another "back-end" developer handling the server side scripting / database? Or is it better to have just one developer handle both?

I ask this because I've seen cases where a team divides the work this way (one front-end working on the client and another back-end guy on the server scripting / database) AND I've also seen it where people claim having ONE guy is good enough for all...


It would be better for speed and productivity if you had a single developer, but finding a good one...

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