How to become a nurse in the US?

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Becoming a pediatric nurse in the US

Hi Alex, I am inquiring on behalf of my wife, who is currently a pediatric nurse in Alder Hey ICU. We will be moving to Washington DC for 2 years Beth would like to continue working over there but as far as she is aware you need to be adult trained in order to work in the U.S as a nurse, even if you were to be working in pediatrics. She has a diploma in pediatrics and 3 years experience on ICU she seems to have given up hope but it just seems ridiculous that a fully qualified nurse could not work...


Hi Paul, Thanks for addressing this question to me. The information you have been given is incorrect...

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Does anyone know how to become a nurse in the us, if you studied in a different country?

My mom is a gynocologist and obstetric in Mexico, she loves her job but being so fur away from family has her thinking about moving up here with us ( her daughters& grandkids) she can more


In order to become a nurse you must attend nursing school NOT medical school. The two professions proceed...

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How do I become a RN nurse? What is being an RN nurse like?

How many years of college and/or nursing school does it take to become a RN nurse? How much will it cost? How is a RN nurse different from a regular nurse? RN nurse help with more


I suggest you do some web surfing about nurses to get a clearer picture about all the forms that nurses...

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NICU Nurse - How do I become one? Also, the quickest route? I need a little help with some questions on it?

Okay. I have many questions about an NICU Nurse and I really can't decide if I want to become one or not. Although, I do have a heart for the little ones in the Neonatal ICU, I would like to work there eventually in the future. My questions are: 1. How...


It depends on if you're Per Diem, Part Time, or Full Time. Per Diem - It depends on if they have a shift...

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How do you become a Certified Nurse Anesthetist?

I have decided I want to become a Nurse and then a Nurse Anesthetist. I wanted to know how long you need to attend school to become a nurse anesthetist? What is the education required more


Hello, take a look at this site it might help you: Good Luck

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How do you become a Registered Nurse and eventually a Nurse Practitioner?

I pursue to become a registered nurse and eventually a nurse practitioner. But i don't think i have enough information about the career. I am a senior in high school, already in a more


Hello, To become an RN, you need to finish the degree requirements (2 years for ADN, or 4 for BSN)....

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How do I become a nurse for special ed classes?

I originaly wanted to become a special ed teacher, but now, as a sophomore in high school and volunteering in a hospital, I want to become a nurse, and work specifically in the special ed classroom setting full time. What is this job called? How can...


The type of nursing duties you are interested in are available in large school districts, and you would...

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Confused on how to become an Nurse. Please Help?

I want to become a Nurse practitioner and I understand that this takes about 6 years to do so. I am so confused though. Do I have to become an RN first and have a year experience to become an Nurse Practitioner. I enrolled at a 4 year college that said...

Answer: more than six years because you will need to work a few years...

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How do I become a neonatal nurse? Help me Plan ahead?

Right now I am a Junior in High School. I started High School believing I would become a Veterinarian, but as years passed and I took the Veterinary Science course at my school I realized it isn't really something I would like to do. I always knew I...


After high school you need to complete the prerequisites for the BSN program and then you can apply...

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How to become a nurse?

I am going to go to college soon and I am wondering how I could become a registered nurse through college. After that how would I become a nurse practitioner? What are some schools more


You can find a list of nursing programs on the Virginia board of nursing web site (there are a lot)...

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