How to build a hydrogen generator for car?

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Where can i find COMPLET information on how to build a hydrogen generator to install in my car?

I am looking to build my own hho generator I need info on how to make the cell first off....Any help would be great...


I bought one of these systems from and got a 30% increase in gas mileage....

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((amex)) verisign _@360zillion

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You can find some at a welding shop.

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Has anyone built a hydrogen generator from "bill power's" "run your car on water" plans??

has anyone tried to build a hydrogen generator according to run your car on water bill powers plans. they seem to be pretty complete. anyone have any comments?


No, but I did see Fat Albert install a Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major in his 1965 ford galaxie...

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How to build hydrogen generator for gas stove?

Hi All, It looks like hydrogen generator being widely discussed, especially during high oil price. I already got several information regarding hydrogen generator for car/truck, while I also interested to apply this technology for gas stove. Have you...


Yes, forget it, it is a scam. It uses a lot more energy (costs a lot more) to electrolyze the water...

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Is it possible to build my own hydrogen-powered car and produce my own hydrogen to power it?

My dad has this idea and wants to start making his own hydrogen using electrolysis and solar panels. With this hydrogen, he wants to power a hydrogen powered engine which he will buy more


Anything is possible. Only some things are practical.

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Hydrogen Gas Generator for car?

ok i know im not the first to do this but im looking at getting my volvo v70r to run on Hydrogen Gas, the problem been how big a Hydrogen Generator would i need to build ???? as i more


Good concept, regenerative H from H2o is impractical anf not feasible. On the molecular level the H...

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How can I build Hydrogen Car?

I want to build a minature hydrogen car. The inside design of how the engine works should generally be the same. I know it involves combining hydrogen and oygen cells, but can anyone more


Hydrogen cars are electric cars, pneumatics won't be of any help. Hydrogen is not very useful in combustion...

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Does anyone have a Hydrogen Generator fitted to their car?

I am in the UK and I am building a hydrogen generator to fit in my car. A/ Do you have or know anyone who has one? B/ What sort of extra Gas milage increase are you getting? more


Not yet but it's currently under construction !

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Do you need the formula for nuclear warhead too?

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