How to call a popup from a link inside another popup?

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javascript - How to call a popup from a link inside ...

... div data-role="popup" id="popup1"> Link to open popup ; < ... policy work here advertising info mobile contact us ...

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In Yahoo popup blocker,when I click a link for 1st time, the popup is blocked, do it 2nd time, popupopens, why

I have a user-initiated JavaScript method to open a popup window. The yahoo popup blocker, blocks the link for the first time. When I click on the link the second time, it allows more


i THINK it lets it pop up the second time because it probly thinks that you WANT the new window to pop...

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How do you script a link to both click to a popup and redirect the page in the browser?

Building a web app in which the user clicks a link to do something that occurs in new window that opens.  I'd like the main page in the browser, where someone clicked, to also change, to a "confirmation page" on the same domain. Simple onclick...


<a href="" onclick="'','newwin...

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Yahoo page when click on "page option " get one small window like popup get under that link .?

yahoo page when click on "page option " get one small window like popup get under that link . i want to know what is component and how is write javascript please give a clue.


I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about the Yahoo! home page? And the Page Options...

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What is the good design principle on how to show the response to a call-to-action button? On a modal popup or new page or by making a panel visible on the same page?

I have a page which lets users see a request and then can click on a button to respond to it. When they click the 'Respond button', is it better to show the response form on a modal popup or make the form visible on the same page?


The goal here is to provide a clear immediate feedback for the user action. Using a modal pop up or...

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CSS / Lightbox-esque popup/div width issue.

Scaling down div width to fit around image which has been scaled down via its height element?? Hello! I have a simple lightbox type popup on my site, with an opaque overlay and a content "whitebox". Upon clicking a thumbnail, the popup/overlay...


Are you using JQuery? If so, you can try something like $("#popupdiv").width() to see if it...

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To Popup Or Not To Popup?

To Popup or Not to Popup? I have a blog website. It's a serious site with a lot of content. We've been working hard on it and it's beginning to gain a nice little readership. Currently, I am setting up any links within a post to open in the same window...


If you put target="_blank" on your links, there are two possibilities: I do want a new window...

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Excel Macro Help, stopping popup error box?

Hello, I am trying to write a macro that automatically links data from another workbook based on the sheet name that is populated in column A. The problem is sometimes there is no sheet set, so when I run the macro a popup box comes up wanting me to...


Application.DisplayAlerts = False On Error Resume Next ... Do your thing Application.DisplayAlerts ...

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Why is AVG Link Scanner Doing This?

AVG link scanner has been updated and it's telling me I have to reboot/restart my pc. No problem I did, and after it's rebooted, I get another popup saying I need to reboot, so I did it again, and again, I get a popup saying I have to reboot. I keep...


get iobit toolbox, it's free and has a great uninstaller

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How do I put a lightbox/fancybox auto-popup on my landing page without the user have to click anything?

I want people to get a lightbox/fancybox popup with a short intro video when they get to my website. Optionally, there would be a 'Continue to Site' link. An example would be the site itself. I am currently having users click on...


Whatever you are running now onclick event, that you need to run onload event. For example to load a...

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