How to change a verical size screen to horizontal size screen?

Let’s learn how to change a verical size screen to horizontal size screen. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How to change font size on screen?

How do I change the font size on the screen. I was playing with MSN and Bing and then the font size of all items on the screen are much smaller!


Go to your desktop. Right click anywhere on the screen where there are no icons. At the bottom of the...

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In adobe flash player how do i change the screen size?

I'm trying to play Sky poker on my laptop (eee pc) and the poker software runs via flash player. Because of the size of my screen 1024x600 (it won't go any higher) i can't see the bottom of the poker screen, which is where i need to click fold, call...


If you are in Vista or later, Hold CTRL and roll the middle button on your mouse It should cause a zoom...

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How do I change the size of messenger window? Not just on screen, but @ setup?

My Yahoo Messenger auto-starts once I get online. The window has always been on the right side of screen, length: just short of the screen size / width: maybe 4 or 5 inches. All of the sudden the window is now coming up in the middle of the screen and...


i think the best way to set the size is adjust it after sighning on.That should work, usually does for...

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HDMI Connection how to change the size of screen on TV?

I have just connected my laptop to my flat screen tb with a hdmi connection but i cant seem to change the size of the screen on the tv it wont get any bigger then the size of the laptop screen. Im trying to watch a movie. Does anyone know how to make...


The media players I use can stretch to fit the screen. Of course, I first set the graphics properties...

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How do i change the size of my screen?

Suddenly my computor (Sony VA10) has changed the resolution size of the screen so that I have to shift from side to side to see all the screen. Its most anoying and nothing I do seems to be able to alter it. There does not seem to be anything about it...


right click on mouse ... Properties or personalize (dependind on your version on windoes) ...screen...

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How do i change my screen size back to where it takes up the whole screen?

My monitor can be used as a T.V. or as a computer and now im using it as a computer and the screen stretched from corner to corner of the entire screen but now the sides have been cut so the screen it smaller and it makes the browsers and other applications...


If you have windows 7 rick click on the desktop and click display and change the resolution if not then...

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How do I change the screen size?

(I have a two monitor screen) Whenever I open a Steam game, the tab does not allow you to use the full screen button. (Part of Steam?) The problem, however, is that I cannot resize the screen size to fit on one screen. The size of the computer monitors...


Batter to check out to mechanic.. it will more so good.

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How do I change the size of text on my printer, I can enlarge it on the screen . also change the fonts.?

I can enlarge text on screen but it does not change size when printed, print is so small can hardly read it. How do you change fonts on computer?


If your talking about on your browser - Go to File. Click print preview. Where it says "Shrink...

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I'm trying to make a video where i'm filming my whole computer screen but the computer screen is too big! I've been looking up on Google how to change the screen size, but more


Get the smaller monitor.

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How do I change the size of the picture on my computer screen?

Hi For some reason my computer went a little crazy a moment ago and now nothing seems to fit on the screen. The pictures, icons and backgrounds have got to big. Does anyone know how I can change it back? I'm using windows xp and I've hunted around a...


Right click your desktop and go to 'properties'. A window will pop up. Click the tab at the far top...

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