How to change the color of the white table in default layout?

Let’s learn how to change the color of the white table in default layout. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Default layout generator that lets me change the color of the table??

i want a default layout generator that lets me change the column where all the stuff is to black instead of keeping it white.

Answer: has one of the top layout generators of 2008. You can easily make what you...

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How can i change the table color of this layout?

<a href="… type="text/css"> .contacttable a img {display:block; margin:-40px;} .profileInfo td.text a img {visibility:visible;} .profileInfo td td {visibility:hidden;} td.text table, td.text...


<a href="… type="text/css"> .contacttable...

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How do u change the color on the inside of a default layout?easy 10?

On a default layout on myspace, how do you change the inside color so it is i have seen some with black in the inside and a patern on the outside so i would like to know more

Answer: has the color code chart if that hellps.

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Black table default layout?

I have a layout that I really like that's plain white with a city at the bottom. But I'd like it to be a black table default. Is there any code that I can replace or change in the layout to make it a black table default layout? Like where the picture...


go to & search default layout generator & then, you can choose the tables to be whatever...

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Why did the color in my black tabled default layout turn to white?

I've had this layout code for awhile and just yesterday the table turned white... I thought i might have messed up the code, so i went and got the same layout code again. &i guess i didnt mess it up !! can someone please tell me why this happened...


myspace is updating things wait until they fix it

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H0w do you change the background color on a default myspace profile 2.0?

I got this layout from IWANTLAYOUTS.COM and it was under 2.0 the preview had all the white spaces behind the modules as being black but when i used it it comes up with white around the modules and i was wondering what part of the code is where i need...


Go to the code in notepad and hit ctrl+f and then type one of those. =)

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Using CSS, you can use the below code to change the background color. <style type="text/css...

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HTML Code/generator Myspace color change interests table?

How do I JUST change the default (blue coloured) interests sections etc... "Music" "hero's" to whatever colour I want, like this person has changed theres to more


go to and click on profile editor and go to tables and change the colors there

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How do i make this a default layout?

I really like it,but its a skinny layout..and i dont know how to fix it. <style type="text/css">.layoutby {}img {border: 0px;}td.text td.text table table table td a img {width:70px;}td.text td.text table table table td...


Ok.. where did you get the layour code from? Usually on the layout sites they have both codes, for skinny...

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was wondering if anyone could help me with a code for this? I want black and white DEFAULT styled modules (the tables that information are put in) instead of blue and white ones with like majority of the sections being black.... And white text?? if you...


i could probably help, but i can't tell which selectors are changing what on your page. i think you...

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