How to change your name in a passport?

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How do I change my name on a passport without a court order or decree?

My name with the Social Security office was Brandon W (it was illegally/informally changed by my stepfather Mr. W, when my name is really Brandon P.). I had my passport under Brandon W. I went to the SSO and changed my name to Brandon P. I did not go to court. My name is now Brandon P on my Social Security card, birth cert, and drivers license. Passport agencies want a court order or decree. I do not have one. What do I do? I thought about reapplying for a new passport altogether. However, I think...


I have a feeling you are going to have to go get official documentation to show that your name is legally...

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How soon do you have to change your passport etc when you change your name?

I'm in the U.k., and I'm getting my named changed by Deedpoll soon for various reasons. But i'm the middle of my A-levels (Think that's like Second to last year in High School?) Will changing my name affect if i get my results or if they count etc? And...


Erm. regarding the A-levels, I have no idea. I think you might have to write to all the exam boards...

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My Passport(Indian) expired long ago,but My name was misspelled,so how do I change it,while renewing it?

Hi, My passport was made in my childhood and so expired long ago. my passport was made according to the name in my birth certificate (which spelt my name as prashanth) but after that my name got shortened to prashant by serendipity, which is now repeated...


You name should be that on your birth certificate unless your country allows legal name changes

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How to Change Surname and given name in passport?

Hello, I have a valid passport and my name on it is as SURNAME (Its left blank) Given name FARAZ AHMED WASEEM Now i want to change my names as Surname : AHMED WASEEM Given name : FARAZ Can any one guide me with what the procedure is to change the name...


This may require a legal name change. Talk to an attorney and they will refer you (for free) to an attorney...

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How much is it to change your name on passport and a driving licence?

Hey Guys and Gals, I am due to change my name by deed poll (not through marriage) and i was wondering if anyone knows how much it is to change my name on my passport and driving license? I found passport fee info but doesn't give details of name changes...


Usually the license name change fee is around $40, but it varies by state.

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How can I change my last name to my husband's last name on my Mexican Passport?

Has anyone else have had to go through this process of changing your old name to your now married name? I am originally from Mexico but I reside in Oregon with my husband. I have my consulate ID and a Mexican passport they both have my name as is in...


you get a replacement pasport from the consulate what name is on your green card

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How do i change name on passport after getting married in India?

My wife and i got married Jan 19th, 2012 in india and we now need to change her last name on the passport. We are both US citizens. Will i need a marriage certificate to change her name on the passport? if yes, how can i go about getting one for a traditional...


Call the Embassy and ask this question...I'm sure they would be very familiar with this type of change...

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HOW TO CHANGE MY NAME THRIUGH GOVERNMENT RULE.i want to change my name in passport. just spelling mistake.?

like mY name is JIGNASU in my all certificate BUT IN MY PASSPORT I GOT JIGNASHU.


Go back to the passport office

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How do you change your last name on your passport ?

My daughter and her fiance would like to go to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. They will be married in august and would like to leave on their honeymoon right after they are married. The brochure for the resort they have chosen says they will need passports...


There should be no problem with her going with the passport she has now. It' still all accuate and it...

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How to change name in US passport and PIO card for newborn?

we got US passport and PIO card for my new born baby last month. we changed his name as per astrology. i want to change his name in US passport and PIO card. what are the steps more


In order to change the passport name, you will need to submit the original document showing the name...

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