How to create a boot CD from an already burned one?

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How to create boot cd from an already burned one?

I have copied a knopix cd from my friend. But unfortunately the cd was not a bootable one.I have already copied all of the contents and when I run from windows it works fine. How can I enable the bootable option to the cd now ? I am using the nero express for burning. Thanks in advance for any answers.


You just can't. Even if the cd session is not closed, you can add datas, but not those necessary to...

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Setting up dual-boot with Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux

I would like to have the option of booting either Windows 2000 or Red Hat Linux WITHOUT the use of a floppy for the latter. The Gory Detail: I have successfully installed Windows 2000 (SP2) and Red Hat Linux 8.x on my computer, each on a separate hard...


You gave up too soon with your 512-byte file. You aren't copying a file from your boot partition, you...

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How to create a bootable ISO containing several Linux distros or Live OS?

I have previously been using BCDedit to add an entry in Windows boot manager for an ISO file located on the hd. That was all well and good, and it worked fine, but I would like to be able to have several live OS or Linux distros under one identifier...


The easy answer is make up virtual boxes. Software such as VMWare and the like you can config as a bootable...

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Emachine vista os problem, be warned it's a head pounder.?

So here is what I am doing I have an old emachines computer that I am trying to fix, all it needs is to reinstall the operating system. Unfortunately its OS is long gone, trashed, lost; I don’t know and don’t care. I been trying to install...


its probably because the machine needs to reboot itself and that it can't find the digital copy. Did...

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How do I create a LiveCD for Mint Linux on Ubuntu 10.04?

I wanted to download Ubuntu on my laptop but for some reason, it wouldn't load from the image on my LiveCD. I decided that I would go with something a little more resource-friendly: Mint Linux 9. I downloaded the entire package on a laptop running Ubuntu...


You cannot create a bootable cd the same way you create regular disks. You must open the iso file with...

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I currently have Ubuntu. How do I create a dual boot with XP?

There's a couple of things that are going to make it tricky. This came with XP originally but I didn't think I would want to play games on it, until I saw Starcraft 2. The first tricky part is that this is on a netbook (a netbook that I've seen will...


Purchasing an external CD-ROM would be a wise move How to dual boot Linux and Windows XP (Linux installed...

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How can I create an xp boot disk.?

I need to create an xp boot disk for my dad.My sister has a cd burner to burn the boot disk.Ok my dad found a laptop on the side of the road,he hooked it up to a moniter (the screen was broken but he got a new one now)90% of the time you have to turn...


Making a boot disk isnt too hard. First you need the boot disk image (available at site below) then...

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Simple Update-able Antivirus CD?

I'm after a bootable antivirus CD to scan a Windows XP computer. It must be fast, update-able and easy to use. I know about all the various live CDs (such as the linux variety boot CDs and Bart PE) that have all sort of utilities, but they usually take...


What about a bootable USB key? You could just update the virus definitions after booting from the key...

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My computer will not boot up, no matter which way I try.

So, last night, I was collecting ravager eggs in Hellfire Peninsula with my shaman. A ravager comes at me, and my computer freezes. Fine, I say. I need to get to bed anyway. I wake up in the morning, run into the wall, stumble in and out of the shower...


If you just need to get the data from it, try slaving it to another PC. I was able to retrieve files...

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Ubuntu Live CD doesn't boot. Goes black, stops.?

Essentially, this is what happens: I made the LiveCD by using infraRecorder with the ISO provided on the Ubuntu website. I opened it up in windows explorer, the files were burned as seperate files, NOT as the ISO. I restart the PC. I go into BIOS, set...


the first thing you have to do is burn another CD as an iso file. That is the only way it will boot...

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