How to create a facebook likes page?

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How to create a new "Likes" page on Facebook?? can add this button on my already existing gropu?

I already have a group page on Facebook. But, the new members have to click on "Join" button to be the member of the Group. I am kind of intresed on the New more


There are two different things "Groups" and "Pages". Group have "Join"...

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Why can't I create an offer on my Facebook Page when my page have over 8,000 likes?

I do own a facebook page and I want to run an offer there. However, I  could not find an option of offers there. Facebook says that a page with  400 likes can create an offer; however, we have over 8K likes on our  page, and still not able to create...


I have answered this question with a solution here Why Can't I create Offer on my Facebook Page? ...

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Facebook came to its senses in Spring 2011 and made this helpful Facebook Page dashboard. Since you...

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I'm sure there is a way but I think it would take some creative hacking since the "Like" button...

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How can I create a list of pages on my site with the most Facebook likes?

Say I have a Facebook app where the user signs up and completes some activity. They have the their own page hosted on our website summarizing their activity, which they can invite people to like. I want to create a table of all the pages ranked on order...


It should be possible via the API. There is also this Recommendations social plugin: Recommendations...

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Any insight as to how to link an official Facebook page (vs. a community page) to your work history on your profile?

Here is an example which illustrates my question asked in more detail below: A prior company that I worked for (and that I want to appear in my work history on my Facebook profile) - Surterre Properties - is not appearing as a pull down option in the...


I just did that for my business. It didn't show up in the dropdown as well, but I entered the exact...

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you should name your fan page that interest people for eg you should create a page that is named on...

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For this project, should I just create several facebook pages?

[NOTE: Already asked in Homework Help. Just need opinions] God, this is such a stupid project -_- But what I have to do is create a facebook for each of the boys in Lord of the Flies (Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Jack) A profile picture that is not a picture...


Go to It's a Fake Facebook :D You can create multiple Facebook's without the stress...

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i want to create a page on facebook for entertainment....plzzz suggest a name for the page....suggest name which will help me to get more likes....i will post there jokes n stuff like that


A new world to make u happy.. Oye hoye!!! ab to smile kar do.... Well i thnk it wud b more easy for...

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If a business has a Facebook profile with 1,000 friends and a Facebook Page with 32 likes, should they delete the Facebook Page? Is the Facebook Page unncessary. Will it just cause confusion?

The client's facebook profile and page has similar names but not exactly. I won't state them here to protect the client. But an example would be, the client's Facebook profile name is "South Coast Recovery" and the Facebook Page name is "...


If a business gathered 1.000 friends on it's user profile, it shouldn't be a problem collecting the...

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