How to disable Netbeans highlighting?

Let’s learn how to disable Netbeans highlighting. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Super User.

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How can I disable color highlighting and marks of versioning in NetBeans?

How can I disable color highlighting and marks of versioning in NetBeans? (in my case, mercurial) PS: Now that I see, highlighting is on html tag attribute values, and doesn't respond to versioning, but it's also a little annoying and can't find out where to disable it.


Try Tools >> Options >> Fonts & Colors On the Syntax tab, language HTML (or XHTML),...

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How to disable google from highlighting visited websites?

Everyone knows that Google (search) highlights the websites that you have viewed (it turns to purple) in the past. I am quite conscious on my search history because I am using a more


Use this disable google from highlighting visited websites. Thanks

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How to disable touch to click on an Asus laptop?

i am using a Asus laptop and it is really bugging me how much highlighting this computer does while i am moving my finger on the track pad how do i disable it?


control panel> mouse - uncheck the box enabling tapping

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I need your help in netbeans !!!?

HI everyone ,i need your help in my program , my program is about database , i designed buttons and menus for the operations , now i need to make checkbox to allow the user to disable the work of the buttons or make them enable by clicking the chechbox...


JCheckbox uses ItemListener class MyDBProgram { JButton button; JCheckbox enableCkBox; boolean isEnabled...

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How would I hide a radio button in Java, while using NetBeans?

I see that I can disable it but can't figure out which property completely hides it. Thanks!


Hello, In the properties panel in netbeans (Form Designer) there is a checkbox named "visible"...

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How to disable controls adjusting the the position and size in Java?

I am new to Java I design a form using swing in netbeans but when I change the size of the form it adjusts the position and size. I wish to design a fixed sized and fixed positioned more


Call setResizable (false) on your JFrame.

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How do I move from a being a solo NetBeans developer to putting together a team of NetBeans Developers?

I am using NetBeans to develop a PHP/MySQL app for my new business. I'm currently the only employee, but I want to add a few developers to my business and continue to use NetBeans. Is there a way I can create a networked version of NetBeans, or do I...


you can use the git hub plugin for netbeans

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Setting up C++ JAVA on a Windows using netbeans, eclipse and MinGW-MSYS?

I am using Windows Vista 32bit I am finishing html, and css... I was flying through them so I picked up c++, java, and java script. I have to admit I am confused when it comes to setting up a programming environment for c++, java, and java script.. I...


I don't know much about eclipse, but the code you showed first needs to be saved in a .java file. B...

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I've a google adscen account but it disable?

i asked this question some day before that, if i daily click more than 500 click on google ads and make this activity everyday up to several months in any website than what will google Aden do. Will google disable his account or not. i've a google Aden...


Clicking on your ads is against Google Adsense Terms of Service. You'll be banned FOREVER!

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Using Netbeans and Java Swing?

I consider myself to be a pretty good coder and with solid Java skills, however, I do not have much experience using Swing. That is why I am using the GUI builder in Netbeans to do this for me. So far, my experience with the GUI builder in Netbeans has...


I don't use that Matise Gui builder because it puts in code u can't touch. I suppose it would be okay...

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