How to finalize a disc in my dvd recorder?

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I have a SV2000 VCR/DVD Recorder Combo, How do I finalize a dvdr disc after recording stuff on it?

Answer: Hello, I bought one of these last week at Wal-mart for 49.95, thought I'd take a chance...IT IS NOT straightforward, you have to basically trick the Sv2000. Menu comes up with the first frame of the program right? TO FINALIZE. Open the cd tray...


Wow. this is an awesome answer and the procedure you typed worked exactly great.. this has been driving...

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Hi Jenny: You've asked almost the same Question 4 times this week, but I've covered it in detail for...

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How can I finalize my DVD-R discs, now that my DVD recorder is broke!?

I have [HAD] a Toshiba DVR Recorder/VCR. I recorded a lot of good movies onto DVD-R and DVD-RW discs. The problem is, I did not finalized most of the discs and now that I am using another DVD player, it will not read them because I didn't finalize them...


The software is called Nero. You need a DVD writer for it. When you put in the disk, nero will ask to...

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DVD recorder problem for a Magnavox. Stops recording on DVD+RW?

I use Maxell DVD+RW rewritable discs about 10 or 15 times and then the recorder tells me that the disc is unusable. I checked the instructions on this and it tells me that the recording space available might be used up. I look at the disc and I can see...


time to go hard drive and get rid of the dvd. dvrs are hassle free

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Can you finalize a DVD if you don't have the original recorder?

I have a DVD that somone burned for me. None of my players or PC can read the disc. I'm guessing they forgot to finalize the DVD. Is there a way that I can finalize the DVD without using the original recorder? Thanks


If they used a PC to do it, and you know what software they used, all you should need is the same formating...

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How do you finalize a disc that's been recorded?

I have a magnavox DVD recorder/ player and I have recorded a movie. I have lost the directions so I do not know how to finalize the disc so that it can play on other DVD players.


Look for a setup or menu button on the remote. There should be something there. Here is the site that...

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How do you make a DVD-RW writeable after finalizing it with a DVR recorder?

I have a DVR dvd recorder. I have only a few discs and have used them all up. One of my discs is a DVD-RW. I want to know how to make this writable agian, for every time I upload it onto my computer, I have to finalize it, and cannot record on this disc...


Go to the DVR and "format" (or initialize) it .

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DVD-Recordable disc - recorded fine but cannot read?

I just recorded the wimbledon coverage on my dvd/vcr-recorder onto a blank dvd-r. It recorded fine the first time and could play back. no problem. Then I recorded the next match on a new blank dvd-r, and it showed it recording. Nothing different. The...


Did you have enough hard disc space when you recorded? The image made by the program onto the hard drive...

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Why won't my Magnavox DVD recorder make DVDs that are playable in other devices?

I have a Magnavox MSR 90d6 DVD Recorder. I bought it to switch all of my VHS to DVD. the problem is that when it finishes, and YES, I let it finalize, although it doesn't SAY that, it says it is "Writing to disc", but the disc is ONLY playable...


hello the only thing that makes the dvd in all players is too finalize it which u said u did so there...

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DVD Recorders (VHS to DVD Recorder then record raw footage and finalize) 10 points?

I am using a DVD Recorder that I have "transfered/copied" the contents of the vhs tape from a VHS Player to the Recorder to put onto a dvd-rw. We then plugged into the dvd recorder a camcorder and recorded at the end of the "unfinalized...


When dubbing DVDs from VHS they are recorded at 1x (or real-time) - so the speed of the disc you purchase...

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