How to find the phone number?

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How to find out who's phone number this is?

somebody's friends prank called me but then the person who owned the phone got on the phone and talked to me haha and i'm curious about how to find out who's number it is how do i find out? was the same area code as mine.......any help???


depends if it was blocked. If not call it back and cuss them out, no don't do it but they will probably...

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How to find my own cell phone number?

I just switched to AT&T from Verizon and I got the LG Shine. I used to have a motorola RAZR, which I can find my cell phone's number. I tried to find it on my new LG Shine, but I can't find my phone number anywhere. Is there an option that lets you...


enter yourself as a contact!!!!

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How do I find the phone number to a Nokia phone?

I'm taking a trip to China, so my friend (who used to live there for a year) let me borrow her cell phone that she bought in Beijing. Only problem is, she forgot the phone number to it. I know that most phones (or at least the ones i've used) will have...


Phone up the cell company and they will issue you with the number. Or do a background report search...

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is there a website or a way to know weather a phone number is a cellphone number or a house phone number? please help trying to find a lost friend :(

Answer: will provide you with the current carrier, and type of service

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How do I find a phone number in the USA if the original phone number is changed?

I live in Delhi, India. I have my relatives living in Chicago,Illinois. I have never contacted them, but I have some how searched there landline numbers through the website I tried calling them, but got a recorded message stating that...



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How can I find out the number of restricted calls to my cell phone?

I've been getting phone calls to my cell phone lately from a restricted number. They call me over 20 times in one day and I have a printout of it on my phone bill. The thing is, the number doesn't show on my phone bill. It's just a restricted call. How...


There is actually a way but It only works for some people. You do *69 as soon as the restricted call...

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How can i find someones Address By phone Number?

This is personal of why i would like to know how to do this. I have the persons phone number,i would like to know how i can find out there address and full name from the phone number i have i belive it is a cell phone. I've tryed I did...


Go to this website, you can try running their number on their site, it will instantly give the state...

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How to unlock a Metro pcs Huawei ascend or find its phone number?

I recently found a Metro pcs Huawei Ascend but its locked and if you get the pattern lock combination wrong too many times it will lock you out and tell you to use a Google account (I havent gotten that far and I don't know the pattern or the account...


You can't unlock it its a C.D.M.A network (Code Division Multiple Access) network. You can only do that...

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How can I find this phone number?

My parents won a free trip from macy's. They called but I hung up once they gave me general details. But I forgot one thing. A phone number I'm only 13 so I wanted to tell my parents but when I told my mom she asked for a phone number to call back but...


try the yellow pages

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I have a phone number but don't know who it is. How can I search in yahoo messenger to find the contact?

I am using the new yahoo messenger 9 beta. I need to find a contact whose number I have and search my contact list with that number to find the contact and know who it is. How can I do this. Right now I have to individually search contact by contact...


There is no other way to find out through messenger. You might try the reverse phone directory, if the...

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