How to forward incoming calls from a mobile phone to another mobile phone?

Let’s learn how to forward incoming calls from a mobile phone to another mobile phone. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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How can a disconnected phone accept incoming calls?

I moved into a house a few months ago and never had the phone activated, but have a phone attached (in case I need to call 911.) when you try to dial out, you get a message saying the phone isn't in service, however I've received several incoming calls. The last time this happened, I asked the caller what number they dialed. I dialed this number myself (from my cell phone) and it rang. Anyway, I don't get very good cell phone reception in my home. Does anyone know if I would eventually be billed...


the previous person never called to disconnect there line.... the line is only suspended one way......

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Will i be billed if i forward my incoming mobile phone calls...?

will i be billed if i forward my incoming (mobile phone) calls to my home number during the day? and will my mobile phone minutes during the day be used up even if its forwarded to homephone? i only get unlimited calls after 7pm which means by that time...


For AT&T, it does use your air time if you have call forwarding turned on. From their website "...

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How can I run a phone and fax together but still forward phone calls to my mobile?

Hi. I have just started a business which I currently run from home. I am looking at buying a Brother - Fax-T106. The reason for this is because I want a Fax with both a phone and fax combined. Now the problem I have, I only have one free phone line at...


call forwarding does not work that way.. either the calls are going to be forwarded to your cell phone...

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It's impossible. If you want someone to hear your conversation then you can record your phone convo...

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How do I forward incoming calls to voice-mail on my office phone?

On my office phone, an inter-tel 3000, there used to be a feature allowing me to forward a call to voice-mail as the extension was ringing. However, after resetting the system, this option no longer appears. I've searched through all kinds of manuals...


It's your manual, but I'd look first at pdf page 60 in your manual to see if Voice Mail is assigned...

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To forward calls from one mobile phone to another, you must contact your provider. They charge a monthly...

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Will I need to have Yahoo IM w/Voice OPENED on my computer to receive actively incoming phone & mobile calls?

Can I just be "online" on my pc to be notified and receive incoming calls when someone dials my Yahoo phone number from a regular phone or mobile? OR, do I have to have Yahoo Messenger with Voice actively OPENED order to THEN enable...


Yahoo Messenger does need to be running for you to receive a call, otherwise the call will go to voice...

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How beneficial is Mobile VoIP over traditional phone calls?

Mobile VoIP is a new way of using your mobile phone for making the calls at very cheap rates. Mobile VoIP works wherever you have access to the internet via Wi-Fi or over 3G and the availability of wireless connectivity. You can make and receive calls...


Traditional calls are one-dimensional. They can carry only voice (ignoring the practiclaly de-funct...

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How to forward calls on cell phone?

I have a Sprint cell phone, and the other day I switched providers and got a new phone. I just remembered that I recently applied for a job and gave them my sprint phone number. If I cancel my sprint phone they won't know how to reach me. Should I leave...


your new servic should be able to give you the same number.... that said, sprint has call forwarding...

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Can you tell me how to forward my phone calls?

I have a Virgin Mobile phone that I bought for a competition that I am promoting next month. I would rather not carry 2 phones with me every where. I want to forward my calls from my Virgin Mobile phone to my Verizon phone. I tried calling Virgin Mobile...


Just go to the general setting of the phone and then there is a word that says "fowarding calls...

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