How to get 3 red rings on xbox 360?

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I need to get the 3 red rings for my xbox 360 can anyone tell me how to do it ? ?

if your wondering why i need to its because my 90 day warranty ran out and they said if i would have to pretty much pay for an entire new xbox console unless i have the 3 red rings , more


im in the same situation and im going to try the towel trick. Its sad to kill my xbox tho : ( its like...

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How do you get rid of the 3 red rings on my Xbox 360. Should I get a Ps3 instead?

I've had my Xbox for 2 years. I know I should send it in. But it will probably break again. My friends Xbox broke 4 times. Would a Ps3 be better to get?


get a wii

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How do I MAKE My Xbox 360 get 3 Red Rings?

I have 2 red rings right now, but my warrany expired and I need to send it to Microsoft. Ive tried to overheat it, but it only gives me 2 rings. Ive put a towel over all the vents. So more


I just sent mine away to be fixed by microsoft with the same problem when you ring tell them you have...

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How can i make sure my xbox 360 doesn't get the 3 red rings?

it is the pro system 1.What make the 3 rings apear 2.Will a intercooler help from over heating


Don't get an intercooler, they use the systems power and cause some system problems.

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How do I make my Xbox 360 get the 3 red rings of death?

When I put a cd in makes loud crunching noises and says unable to read disc. Microsoft has extended their warranty to 3 years for the ring of death and I figure if I can make mine more


The best way to make your 360 get the 3 rings of lights is to just use it normal. Eventually it will...

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The RROD can be caused by several different hardware issue with the Xbox 360. The most common is a faulty...

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How do you get them or how do you get rid of them? You get them usually if you had one of the first...

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How can you get rid of red rings on a xbox 360?

i have a xbox 360 and its got red rings i was told to rap it in a something and over heat it how can i get rid of them


Paint them white.

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Does the Halo 3 Xbox 360 get Red Rings?

My Xbox died a few days ago. I was thinking about buying a refurbished Halo 3 Xbox 360 (unfortunately the only one I could find in all my local game stores, and unfortunately more


Its impossible to narrow down why xbox's get RROD so your chances of getting it with a normal xbox and...

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How to get the red rings of death on my Xbox 360?

Okay, so I have had my Xbox 360 for a year and a half and it has started not to read discs. If I want to get it fixed it will cost one hundred dollars, so instead I want to get the more


Here's a complete free guide on the RRoD: You will find out information...

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