How to get a DAAD scholarship?

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There are various programmes for which DAAD offer scholarships to study in Germany. Following are the...

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Is it hard to get a DAAD scholarship for undergraduate study in Germany?

I am a student of Pakistani nationality and I would like to go to a German university for a bachelor program in either Computer Science or Economics. I understand that most German universities are tuition free but in many cities, the cost of living is...


Although I don't know much about it, I'll try to answer as well as I can. I applied for a scholarship...

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While you do have a good CGPA, DAAD states that is not the sole criterion. I'd suggest getting a good...

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How am i gonna get a scholarship?????????????????? help!!!!?

So, I am a high school junior and I am really concerned about my career and my universities and all that stuffs such as scholarships, grants and so on....... BUT I have no idea how i am gonna get a scholarship and what i really need to get scholarship...


If your parents provide their tax return and it shows a low income you will get grants from the FAFSA...

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Do you have to apply to get a scholarship at NYU?

In a couple years, I would like to go to NYU. I would have to get a swimming scholarship or a full scholarship to go there. I dont want to apply for financial aid, because I don't want any loans. I don't want to be in debt at the age of 22, I have seen...


You don't apply, especially for athletic scholarships. The schools come to you. Schools with good swimming...

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Where can i get a scholarship?

hi im 20 years old a single mom to a beautiful 5yr old baby boy and i only work for avon on august 16th i start school @ everest to get my g.e.d and my career of medical administration i owe i a student loan of 10000 and im looking for a scholarship...


The best option would be to do your homework and explore other schools, such as community colleges or...

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How can i get a sports scholarship?

Im going into high school next year and i want to start planning for collage. I really want to get a sports scholarship!! Perferebly in volleyball. I LOVE volleyball and im good at it. How good do i have to be to get the scholarship?? And how do they...


Be incredibly good at sports.

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How to get a scholarship?

I want to get degree and then I want to get into a very prestigious culinary arts school and I would like to know how to get a scholarship. How much money can you get from a scholarship? Could I get a scholarship for both? Is their a limit on how many...


Actually, there's no real limit to how much money from scholarships you can apply to your tuition. When...

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Help needed regarding DAAD scholarship?

Hi folks, i've completed B.E.Mechanical engineering and i want to pursue higher studies in Aerospace or Automobile in Germany..i came to know about the DAAD scholarship more


First work for 2 years and then think about your higher studies. Don't ask such silly questions.

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Can she still get a scholarship?HELP!! ?

So my cousin in Elementary school didn't do so well. She is in middle school now and she was thinking she would try now and maybe she can get a scholarhip later on. My oldest cousin told her that that isn't possible. That she was suppose to get straight...


Colleges only look at your high school grades. They don't even see your grades from elementary school...

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