How to get a job in call center?

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How to Get a Job in a Call Center: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Edit Article How to Get a Job in a Call Center. Questions and Answers. Call centers, otherwise known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), is an industry that was ...

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How to get call center job in India?

HI, I have problems staying at home, so i was wondering if I can get a call center job in Mumbai so i can move out of my misery. What are the qualifications and how much can i expect to earn a month. Will this be enough to cover rent/food. What other...


If you know good english that is good enough, if you can talk fluently and can converse the way americans...

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How do I get a job at an Inbound Call Center?

I dont have any experience at call center work, but I have worked in retail customer service for about a year. I want to get a job in a call center doing inbound work. Should I do more


Not really, they do like call center experience, but you just have to find a way to get your foot in...

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How can I get a Job in a Canadian Bank/Call Center?

I am an Indian with over 8 years of experience in Customer Service and Banking,I am working in Sharjah UAE, for a Bank as their Call Center Supervisor,I am a graduate married to another graduate as well, No kids. I have been to Toronto for a training...


Here you go, try this site. Monster Job gets postings from all sorts of companies across Canada. http...

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How to get a Job at a Call center in Atlanta?

I'm wanting to work at a callcenter anywhere in the atlanta area, but i have no idea where to begin. The buildings that they are in are very unremarkable from the streets so I would have no idea I was driving past one to even walk in and ask for a job...


Get a print copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and check out the help wanted ads. It's more up...

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Can any one tell me how I get call center job?

I am indian Hyderabady and looking for call center job. I know I am having good pronounciation but when i go for interview I couldn't show them that iam capable. Please refer me more



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If i move to from the U.S to el salvador will i get a job call center job right away?

I'm planning on moving over, so if I apply for a calling center job will I get hired quickly? They are looking for english speakers right? Best answer gets points


call centre job in el salvador??...u serious???? DONT GO THERE unless you have been offered expat privileges...

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Is it diifficult to get a Call Center Job in the Philippines?

My family wants me to be in the Philippines for an extended period of time maybe 2 years. However during that time I would like to work. A little info on me. I was born in the US, speak perfect English and have a college degree. So I'm wondering if a...


First and foremost, get all your papers and work related documents secure. Getting a job at a call center...

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I plan to get a part time job in a call center when i get to Australia.Is it ok that I have a different accent?

I am going on a student visa so I am allowed to work for 20 hours a week. I've been working in a call center with American account for the past years so I somehow adapted their accent because I talk to Americans everyday. should I study speaking in Australian...


They will still hire people with accents. It is not really one of the things they look for - they care...

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Where can i get a job from in customer service call center area in atlanta ga area?

I been searching for a job now for 6months and I am 4months pregnant I wanted to try and get a job before I start to show and no one want to hire me but it is hard out here. I applied so many places and submitted my resume on line to so many companies...


Closer to you may be Comcast, Verizon and if you want to travel to Kennesaw try Ryla.

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