How to get correct URLs in network wide menu (Multisite?

Let’s learn how to get correct URLs in network wide menu (Multisite. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by WordPress.

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How to get correct URLs in network wide menu (Multisite)?

I'm using this function to switch to my main website's navigation and display it on all sub sites in my multisite network. Ideally the links should have the following format: but on the sub-sites the urls are Obviously these pages don't exist so it's just showing a blank page. Any idea how I could make sure the urls are like the first example and how I might incorporate that into my function? function wp_multisite...


You just need the last part of your function where you switch to blog 1 and get the menu. function wp...

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Can't get into router menu trying to find network security key?

It's a cisco residental dsl gateway from Centurylink, im at the sign in page i typed in admin admin it said error, I'm trying to get the Network Security Key for Wireless Internet.


Even if you got in, often the password is blanked out so you cannot see what was put in previously....

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Since 2-3 days I cannot log into my mailbox.I get a network error message when I click on MAIL menu.?

I can log into, but I cannot log into When I try to log in to my mailbox from MyYahoo, by clicking to "MAIL" menu, my browser is seeking "" and I receive an error message. This is the...


Offline Mail Server. Access your Yahoo mailbox via OR If you have. Yahoo!...

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Can I use a web scraper to get real URLs via shortened URLs?

Are there any open source web scrapers that I can use to get original URLs from shortened URLs (e.g.,, tinyurl, etc). I'm interested in scraping Digg submission histories for an easy way to look at the websites certain Diggers link to. Unfortunately...


I don't think you need a real web scraper for this. Digg has announced that anonymous users will get...

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How do i get my modded xbox onto my windows network.

How do i get my modded xbox (ie xbmc) onto my windows network. I have a software modded xbox, running xbmc (build 1.1.0) trying to connect to my windows network to share files. I am using a Netgear dg834g router. Normal cat 5 cable running from xbox...


I've manually set the ip ( for my network) on my xbox. A good way to test if this is working...

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How to get rid of and reset a wireless network?

I had one of my brothers friends come and setup my wireless network because i wanted it to be faster. He did some crazy stuff and now i have no idea whats going on. I have 2 routers one for me and my wife and another for my kids. Then their is a separate...


To simplify this take the best of your routers and put the one you don't want away. You should only...

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How to get three different routers into one cohesive network?

I have three different wireless routers on my home network, and they are not inter-operating well... So I have three different wired/wireless routers in my home network and they're causing me some headaches. An older Verizon FIOS MI424WR router that...


What network mask are you using on the Tenda and the WD? If it's, change it on both to...

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Django (web framework): How get urls from in

Hello, I'am new to django and I have a question. For example, I created "blog" application in my project. so, I need a blog urls in every blog page. For example list = ['blog/about','blog/today','blog/week'] I include 'from blog.urls import...


That solution doesn't sound healthy at all. You might want to consider using reverse or reverse_lazy...

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How can I get of list of all active urls/websites?

I want to index pages against each set of keywords. My crawler needs initial set of urls ? Is there any way to get all the active urls ? Is there any  public directory where I can get all these urls ?


blekko has donated a bunch of crawl metadata to Common Crawl which contains what you're looking for...

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How do I get people off my network?

I saw people on my network via Windows 7 network viewer thing, and see about 6 different people who are on my network. After seeing this, I put a password on my network. But, I think I waited too late, and people marked it as their own network so it...


Are you seeing people connected to your wireless router or are you seeing the available wireless networks...

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