How to get file properties from a post request using Slim?

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How to get file properties from a post request using Laravel & Slim

I'm using Laravel + Slim to build an application. I have a form with file upload and I managed successfully to get the information from text inputs: $request = $app->request; $title = $request->post('title'); But how I can get the properties like size, name, tmp_name, etc. from a file input? I found this question and tried like that but I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Slim\Http\Request::file()


There is couple of method you can apply while you uploading some file(s) using laravel's. Here is the...

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Software Benchmarks and Benchmarking: What is the way to use dynamic contents in XML using CSV file so that the XML can be send as HTTP Request in JMeter for RESTful service?

For more clarity on the question,  I need to send a XML to be processed by RESTful service using JMeter. The dynamic content of the XML is <OrderNumber>${__CSVRead(CO1.csv,0)}</OrderNumber> where  CSVRead() function used to get the N...


One solutions I can think of is: Generate XML along with any variables and put that in a variable with...

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What are your suggestions for this law draft which i have proposed for reducing corruption in 3-4 months (only for India)?

Proposed 3 line law can reduce poverty, corruption, MNC domination in 4 months(A four page version of this chapter written for easy distribution is at . and Chap-3 of this book has more details on this proposed 3 line law...


I applaud the detail and thought you have put into this proposal. A few thoughts came to mind when reading...

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How to Make Money using Paypal?

How to make extra money in paypal as seen on oprah ? EARN EXTRA MONEY IN PAYPAL AS SEEN ON OPRAH AND 20/20 ______________________________________… Dear Friend, You probably have seen these, but they really really do work, give it a try -- think...


This has been coming up on Yahoo answers frequently lately and the answer is the same: IT IS A SCAM...

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Apache's handling of spaces in GET request

Hi, I have developed a PHP script. This script is intended to be accessed through the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) client, rather than a typical web browser like Internet Explorer. A link to the .php file is placed in the AIM user's profile. The syntax...


Hi, whiteout, and thanks for your question. While it is possible to use the insanely powerful mod_rewrite...

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I can't delete a file on my external hard drive?

I can't delete a file on my external hard drive. When I try to delete the file (it is the only file left on the drive) I get an error message: "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk." If I try to rename the file I get...


download unlocker...

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Can someone tell me what this means and what I have done wrong?

I used an external php form to create an email form for my website n hav uploaded it to my IIS...but wen I run the site and click "submit" I get this error:HTTP Error 405.0 - Method Not Allowed The page you are looking for cannot be displayed...


I'd suggest that you check to make sure that you're using the right methods for sending data, such as...

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I have to create one real estate project in C++ using structure,arrays,functions nad switch case.?

I tried to get output so many times.but i dont get. 1.i have one file name properties.txt using case 1 user can list all the properties in the file case 2 search property by price case 3 user can add property by enter street address,suburb,price case...


chMenu should be a integer, not a char.

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How do i delete a file on my desktop that "doesn't exist"?

I have a file stuck on my desktop, that no matter what I try, I can't get rid of. If I try deleting it, I get an error saying, "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from source file or disk." I have tried using the program MoveOnBoot, as well as...


Did you try restarting your computer? You should restart your computer then try to delete the file....

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In Turbo Tax how do you post a question on "Live Community?"?

I'm filling out my 2010 taxes using Turbo Tax (for tax year 2010). I bought the Home & Business addition, it comes with federal and state returns for just under $100 (CA tax included). I have a question regarding how to include a tax amendment, but...


I have checked this website, you have to create an account before posting your question: https://ttlc...

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