How to get from Philadelphia airport to New York?

Let’s learn how to get from Philadelphia airport to New York. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Take the Air Train From JFK to Jamaica Station- end of the line <10 minutes Take the Long Island...

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Take Amtrak to the 30th St Station in Philadelphia. From the 30th St Station, take the SEPTA Regional...

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John f kennedy airport to philadelphia?

what is the best way to get from new york jfk airport to philadelphia? what are the options?


There many options. Option 1: Quickest way. Step 1: Take Airtrain JFK to Jamaica Station. http://www...

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How would i get from New York (Manhattan) to Philadelphia?

I'm flying to JFK (from the UK) for a weeks holiday in NY but after that i need to get to Philadelphia as i'm studying at Penn State for the autumn semester. My boyfriends heading back to the UK from LGA (L'Guardia or something like that) airport at...


Usually hotels will let you leave your bags in a storage room after you check out until you are ready...

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What transportation is available to get from Philadelphia International Airport to the sports complex?

I need some advice from any Philly residents here. Next week I'll be flying into Philadelphia International Airport in South Philly. My hotel is located within the sports complex. What form of transportation should I use to get from the airport to the...


The airport is not in Southwest Philly as someone said. It is actually in Delaware county, just outside...

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How do I get to philadelphia international airport from wilmington De using public transportation?

Do I have to go to philadelphia and backtrack to the airport? Amtrak goes into Philly and goes right past the airport on the way there. I know there's trains that go right into the airport.


The trains that go to the airport run on a different line than the trains to Wilmington. So, you have...

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How do i get from philadelphia airport to philmont station r3?

I am going to be flying in to Philadelphia airport PHL and need to get to Philmont station R3 can anyone help me on the way to do this as I have never been on a subway before are the stations marked so you know were to get off and is it a one way or...


1987 Mazda RX7. Of all the cars I've owned, none was more fun or a pain in the *** to fix. Miss it though...

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How long does it take in car from Philadelphia international airport to New York City?

We want to go to New York City this summer but the tickets are too much, so we want to fly into Philadelphia then drive to New York, any body know?


Don't drive to New York City. A car is going to be more of a headache than an assistance. Its going...

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How can I get from the UK to Philadelphia then to New York and back?

I'm looking at going to Philadelphia for 3 nights next years, flying from UK then once in Philadelphia I want to go to New York for 2 nights. From New York I want to fly back to more


Yeha you will probably be better off to book a round trip from Philly to UK, cause a trip from NYC to...

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