How to get rid of Touch Launcher in my phone?

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How do i get rid of Touch Launcher from my Phone?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I own a palm centro phone and i wanted to download iphone theme so i downloaded the touchlauncer onto my phone now i want to delete it have everything set back to the way it was can someone PLZ HELP me?!?!??


Page 305 of;… Hope that helps

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Let's get PHONE-nical .... Touch Screen and wi-fi phones, anyone?

Hey guys, it's me again. I am in the mood for wi-fi phones. I don't care whether it's touch screen or keypads or whatever that is. As long as it's wi-fi and it supports wi-fi than GPRS, I would definitely go for that phone. My mind's boggled with what...


The Iphone is the only serious contender. You dont need to enable the GPRS to use just the wi-fi.

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Should i get a touch screen phone ?

Ok so i just got a new phone like about 2 and a half weeks ago the Samsung Freeform 3. The next day i drop it in the sink by accident , i ran got a towel and just dryed it off , now the phone is saying its charging when its not blah blah... so my mom...


Depends what make if it's a BlackBerry or iPhone 4oS then yeah but an LG Cookie or something not so...

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Do you think it would be stupid to get an ipod touch and a touch screen phone?

Okay so I really realy want an ipod touch so bad for so long and my birthday is coming up and I wanna ask for one but Ima get a new upgrade soon for a phone and im thinking about getting a droid and my friend it wood be stupid to get droid/touchscreen...


I'm assuming that you really want the iPod touch for all the different games/apps. In this case, iOS...

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Which touch screen phone is best from verizon that you can get without a data plan?

I really want a new phone. right now i have the env2 and i want a touch screen phone but i dont care if its all touch screen or if it has a keyboard. i had my eye on the kin 2 and the LG Cosmos touch but im not sure. I need a good texting phone and a...


I would get the cosmos touch or the LG chocolate touch . If you had to choose between those - get the...

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My Chocolate Touch phone screen broke. Is it worth it to get it fixed or should I just get a new phone?

I don't know how it happened, but my lg Chocolate Touch's screen cracked and now there are just a few cracks in the corner. When I try to turn it on, the cracks light up but the rest of the screen stays black. It still rings and vibrates when I get calls...

Answer: This will solve your problems ;)

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What type of touch screen phone should i get?

Well for my birthday my mum said she would get me a touch screen phone! so i was just wondering what touch screen phone should i get?? i really want an iphone but they are alot of money :( is there a phone like an iphone but cheaper? thanks guys!!!


android phones are the best option for you. They are even better than the iphone and even cost a lot...

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I am 14 years old, what would the best phone I should get (I am looking for a touch screen)?

Hello, I have just turned 14, and my dad is going to buy me a phone, I tried to get him to get me a 2-Year agreement plan, because they have good phones but it is too expensive. I am looking for a pay as you go plan (for about $25-45 a mo/) But I want...


Im 13 and I have a Droid Razr but you probably will want an Experia by Sony for your price range.

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HTC HD2 or Samsung Vibrant or what touch screen phone should i get?

i want to buy a new phone and upgrade from a all keyboard phone to a touch screen phone, & well i have t-mobile so the only good touch phone that i think are the HTC HD2 or samsung more


here is the full specifications and evaluations of them: Samsung Vibrant:

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Can i still get a phone that is not touch sensitive?

my partner has a samsung gt-s5560 which he loves,it is one that you can actually tap the screen,not like the newer ones that are touch sensitive.well, i do like my partners phone but i do not want the same one,can i get a phone along these lines that...


There are two types of screen resistive - the one you want They need pressure to work... so often have...

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