How to get rid of marks from spots quickly?

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How do I get rid of spots and stretch marks?

I have just a few stretch marks on my side waste line, and my back broke out so I have a few spots, how do I get rid of these spots and stretch marks, I have now been using cocoa butter lotion for the past month anything else would do?


Cocoa Butter, Nope! I use thisproduct and it helped my 20 year old stretch marks, so if yours are new...

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How to get rid of spots and spot marks?

I have some spots on my face with some marks as well. I was wondering on what to do in order to get rid of them but I don't want anyone to recommend me products as I don't trust them. Food would be the best choice to advise me about and I think using...


1. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the spot and leave it overnight in the morning clean it off...

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How to get rid of spots and marks left from spots off my chest?

I don't know how they got there, they just flared up one day, but basically it's really ugly. And i want to get rid of them. I don't know why they randomly pop up so bad, my face is fine. They arn't like huge spots, just small but show a really red mark...


just leave them. its called hormones mate. your either old or young but your gunna make em worse. youll...

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How to get rid of dark marks on your feet..i have a bunch of what we call poker dot leg spots can i get rid of them

there is like two hundred on one foot so judge 2 what is the best way to get rid of them ........i want the normal clear foot.. am so shame when i have to wear swim suit ,i wear long jeans all the time and if am wearing some shorts i put on some silly...


well...take this thing seriously and go consult a doctor [ who knows things about different skin types...

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Marks from spots. how to get rid and cover up?

i have a few little red marks from spots on my cheeks. i hate them and want them gone. do u know any good products or tips that will actually fade these marks. also in the meantime do u know any good concealers that actually cover up spots so they cant...


I use a Rimmel concealer for spots, but marks are always a pain ;\ At night I use Neutrogena intensive...

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How do I get rid of old acne marks/dark spots at home?

For awhile I've thought my acne was trouble, but I now realize I mostly have old marks..So how can I get rid of them easily, at home, or if there are some things i should get? more


Try mederma

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I get many red marks left behind after my spots go away, how do i get rid of them?

now that my spots have clearered up, im just left with some red marks, they are mainly flat but a feww are slightly raised help me! it looks horrible i would like to hear of things you have used and if they worked, thanks


Bio oil helps to get rid of scars, I've used it and it worked for me

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How do I get rid of blemishes,scars,marks,black spots off my face?

What cream can I use to have a smoother complexion? I have mild acne and some marks on my face from old do i get rid of them...


i use tea tree oil products from the body shop in canada. the exfoliating face wash and night moisturizer...

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Acne problem??how to get rid of acne marks n dark spots using natural products?

im using banatan cz m derma adviced saw no results tillnow wd shud i do....i also tried tomato n stff....wen i askd d derma abt using aloe vera she said its pimplogenic....wd r d natural products i cn use to get rid of post acne marks.........



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Dont cover them in make up or they will get worse. Sit in the sun for a day and they should be gone...

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