How to get string between two certain strings in Swift?

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VB.NET Get String Betwen Two Strings - Not Working With Escaped Chars

I am trying to find a string inbetween two other strings. This function is working fine but as soon as I use escaped characters ("") it stops working and a runtime error occurs. Function & working / non-working examples below: Function: Public Function GetBetween(ByVal haystack As String, ByVal needle As String, ByVal needle_two As String) As String Dim istart As Integer = InStr(haystack, needle) If istart > 0 Then Dim istop As Integer = InStr(istart, haystack, needle_two) If...


You can easily determine that the problem has nothing to do with escaped quotes by replacing them in...

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Question: Two strings at different lengths and linear densities are joined together. They are stretched so that the tension in each...

Question: Two strings at different lengths and linear densities are joined together. They are stretched so that the tension in each string is 190.0 N. The free ends are fixed in place. Find the lowest frequency that permits standing waves in both strings...


You did well, but forgot a basic equation v= sqrt(T/d) where T is the Tension in string and d is the...

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1) T1*cos30° + T2*cos60° = m*g 2) T1sin30° = T2sin60° These are the equations of equilibrium...

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5 String bass strings wont fit?

I recently bought a Rouge LX205B Series 2 Bass Guitar... it has 5 strings, and i bought new strings for it today (Ernie Ball). The Thickest string was too big to go on the bass... i checked the thinest string and (i think) it worked just fine... Are...


Try looking for thinner gauged strings.

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I have Hasbro Fast 201 Yo-Yo. How can I get more string for it?

I tried purchasing another one at the store I got the first one, so I could get a few more replacement strings. As luck would have it, they don't sell the Yo-Yo anymore there. Before I go and contact Hasbro for some replacement string, is there any way...


i would just contact Hasbro. Good luck.

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What string tension should I get if I've been used to Luxilon tennis strings?

Hello! Can someone please help me? Throughout the years that I have been playing tennis, I've been using mostly Luxilon Big Banger strings because of recommendations I heard of before. I've been using tensions ranging from 57-60. However, I popped my...


To answer your Question's title, 57 pounds. If you want to try different strings that are Luxilon, I...

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Given two strings over an alphabet of size N, what is the most efficient technique to find the string that lies in the middle? On should use dictionary order to order the string.

For example, say max length is 10. and the alphabet consists of 26 characters a-z. The input strings are "beginning"(size:9) and "ending"(size: 6). We have to find a string that lies exactly at the middle. Basically we have to find...


Let's consider that you know the ordinal number of the middle word. For instance, if the lowest string...

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Whats Strings should i get for my Electric Acoustic 12 String guitar?

I was trying to figure out what strings i should get for them, and any tips i should know. i Have played a 12 string before but this is my first time owning one so i would love the help. Im trying to get something that will give me a nice clear tone...


Hey; I gave you a few links below to give you some insight as to what sort of strings are out there...

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Where do I get really thick Gauge 7 string guitar strings?

I Cant find any with the low string bigger then .60 gauge, and I hear about people getting .64 to .70 gauge strings. I've heard of people using the highest bass string for the lowest string on the 7th, but i need clarification


Try these guys: And, just for your information, you might want...

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Where do strings, in string theory, get their tension from?

I know that the tension is defined as 1/(2*pi*alpha-prime), where alpha prime is the square root of the string length scale (I've seen planck length used). This would mean that the units are reciprocal square root length. Classical tension is force over...


In string theory, tension comes from the Nambu-Goto action co-efficient. The action is [math]S_{NG}...

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