How to get the IP address of the device in WIFI DIRECT?

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how to get each Device's Ip Address in WIFI Direct Scenario

start from ICS, the WIFI Direct is introduced, we normally use WIFIP2PManager Class to operate the WIFI Direct, But I found seems it only can retreive the GroupOwner IpAddress after Connected. But, actually, Any devcice all came negotiate to become the GroupOwner, in Upper Application, We need get peer's ip address, Or each peer's ip address in a group so that we can send/communicate with them. Then how to get each ip address in WIFIDirect?? include own ipaddress and each peer in the group?


To Pruthvi Nag (I can't reply to him directly), about your question : "I am curious about how you...

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Why is my wireless client device not able to obtain an IP from a WiFi AP?

1) After applying following changes stop network manager->reload wifi drivers-> start network manager  on my device side, my device is able to get IP address.  2)  But now, I am facing new issue... if wrong key or password for   Router/AP is...


Most likely, the AP is malfunctioning and needs to be reset.  Alternately, it could be misconfigured...

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Why won't my device connect to wifi?

This morning I had to reset my entire Android tablet device because it was the only way to get rid of a problem with the YouTube applications. Now I've been sitting here waiting forever for the device to connect to a WiFi network, and it keep saying...


Change Your Routers settings to WEP 64 bit encryption. Your encryption could be to high, if you reset...

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How can I force my Mac to get a DHCP-assigned IP address instead of a ZeroConf IP address on WiFi?

My OS X Mac failed to connect to a particular Wi-Fi network, because it self-assigned an IP address rather than letting the network assign it one. How can I prevent this?


If your Mac has self-assigned an address in the 169.254.X.X/16 network range, that's a "zero configuration...

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How Do I get the IP address of Wifi Computer?

How do I get the IP address (Using cmd) of the computer that I am getting my internet from?


ipconfig /all

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Where do printer host names come that usually get entered into port name or ip address in devices and printers?

Usually when I install a network printer I set it up static (outside the dhcp range of my router.) then I go into device and printers (windows 7) I add a port of the ip address I assigned the printer and it works. The other day I was setting up my mothers...


Host names are a static setting within the printer itself, software does not by itself configure a Host...

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Networking experts: Why won't this device pull an IP address?

I'm following-up on this question that I posted in December. I now have two iHome iW2 AirPlay speakers that I want to use at work. The problem is that when I connect them to the LAN, they don't pull an IP address. The speakers work fine when I use them...


Yes. Wireshark would be appropriate. I'd start with logs from the DHCP service, the switch, and the...

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Need help securing/troubleshooting my household WiFi Network

I am incredibly geeky (though I certainly know geeks who are moreso) and somewhat hackerish, been running my household WiFi and Wired network to dozens of devices for several years and everything was fine until my Mom's new housesitter brought a laptop...


MAC address based QoS? Create a throttled/filtered vLAN for his laptop on a separate range to the rest...

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Another device on the network is using your computer IP address..?? MAC?

Ok guys i got this problem when i turn on my laptop and my Imac at the same time i get this message on the screen --another device on the network is using your computer IP address-- and i get disconnected from the net..!! I have tried to change the ...


It's talking about internal ip address, not external -- i.e. the one assigned to each device by your...

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Iphone unable to connect to wifi ( ip address) PLEASE HELP!?

I have an iphone 3g which has the 4.0 update 1. when I connect to my network, it displays 3 full bars at the top left hand corner of my iphone but when I go on to a random webpage on safari is says "Cannot open page. Safari cannot open the page...


there's an app to check iphone/ipod ip address…

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