How to get the previous URL after using window.history.back?

Let’s learn how to get the previous URL after using window.history.back. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by

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How do you get the previous url in Javascript? - Stack ...

... alert("previous url is: " + window.history.previous.href); Is there something like that? ... Is there any way to get the previous url in javascript?

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It's the other way around. Traffic costs the ISP. For a personal account, a certain amount of traffic...

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How can I get the referrer URL when using Tornado as a web server?

For example  lets say I am running the "hello world" example from the tornado site.How can I get the referrer url?



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I've been using Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 but recently I get the error "The URL you requested has been blocked".?

Previously I was using Windows Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 1) and I upgraded it to Service Pack 2. Since then then this error message keeps coming up so I can't use it anymore. I saw an answer to a similar problem here, on Yahoo Answers and I've...


It could be either Windows or your ISP blocking the website, eitehr because it is harmful or because...

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Using the keyboard, how do you get the cursor into the browser Mozilla Firefox's URL space?

This is a handy time and effort saver. I used to know the shortcut when using Internet Explorer, but somebody, Mozilla please!



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What's the easiest way to get the URL fragment using JavaScript?

If I'm on the page , how can I get "frag" correctly and most easily?


window.location.hash seems to work.  I'm not certain yet if it works in all browsers.

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Press the wrench button on the far right of the browser, choose options. Click "Under the Hood...

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You need to download a program called Favicon (search it on google) then design your icon and then favicon...

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There is a data URI/URL scheme going on right now, perhaps this is part of it. Internet unfortunately...

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