How to get user's current location?

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How to get user's current location without asking for permission?

can any one tell me how can i get the current location-latitude/longitude info of the user without asking his permission? Like getting user's location automatically? Thanks in Advance. Shreya


From apple's documentation Important: In addition to hardware not being available, the user has the...

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How does Location Labs get live location data of mobile phone users from the telecom operators?

I'm assuming telecom operators don't just give out location data for every mobile number in a live stream feed. So how exactly does this work? Does location labs query for specific phone numbers at an instant in time? But wouldn't that (cellphone number...


Actually  the cellphone number  is anonymized when the data is released by the operator. However there...

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How does location identification work on mobile devices? If one wants to target offers to mobile. users based on location, how would you get that information?

I know it is possible to target on lat/long, zip, city or country. Is there any publicly available Technical/ functional documentation to help study how location pin-pointing happens in detail? How granular is it possible to go?


We have many third party API's that provides us the details on the City, zip etc based on the Lat/long...

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What testing platform will best allow specific targeting of users (such as by location), as well as a "true" 50/50 split in a test (IE - 200 visitors get A, and 200 visitors get B.)?

Currently it seems that GA's content experiments do not provide 'passive' enough data - that Google tries to sway users to a winning option. We need dead simple, raw A/B testing.


I use Optimizely: Make every experience count and have used World's Easiest A/B and Split Testing Software...

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Answer: offers the service you are looking for. Though is a QnA website around...

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There are Twitter shortcuts and commands that you can use to do this. You need to use the "near...

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What are the demographics of Apple's users?

Age - 1) How old are apple users? Gender - 1) How does apple users population divide by gender? 2) Does their gender matter in terms of how they use the product? Income and purchasing power - 1) What is income or purchasing power of apple users? 2) What...


Wow, that's a lot of questions!Tim Cook revealed yesterday at Apple's quarterly earnings conference...

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What are the best marketing practices and solutions for a new real-time location-based mobile app?

Every new released mobile app needs a marketing strategy and a successful marketing plan to get more users and generate more data. Specifically it's like "chicken and egg problem" for a real-time location based mobile app that provides specific...


At the beginning, the owner should have some connections to kick start the data collection... friends...

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Why is Gimp creating the folder .gimp-2.4 in my users folder? What is it for and how can I get rid of it?

I have Gimp 2.4.2 installed on my computer and it keeps creating a folder called .gimp-2.4 in my users folder. What is the folder for and how can I change it's location? I know deleting it won't work because Gimp creates it again. There's also the file...


Do not delete this folder. This is were gimp stores all of its resourses that it needs for running such...

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