How to improve the low(poor) quality image to high quality image?

Let’s learn how to improve the low(poor) quality image to high quality image. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Server Fault.

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How can I improve the image quality of my projector?

Most projectors I have available display fine at 1024x768, except that resolution is very low. If I up the resolution to 1280x1024 the image is still displayed, however the text quality drops. Is there any solution to having a high resolution on a projector while maintaining quality of the image? Besides the obvious solution of buying a better projector ;)


Not really, it's sounds rather impossible to fit more information into less space when it's just fixed...

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Improve image quality.Are there any programs I can use? (urgent)?

I was trying to resize a 1280X720 image to 1920X1080 so as to fit it in my new screen.I used photo scape to resize the picture but the quality turned out to be awful.Is there a way (a program which I can use ) so as to improve the resized image's quality...


Find the image in a better resolution. All programmes I have tried have not worked. (And I have tried...

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Why does my new laptop make me press shift + R to improve the quality of an image?

On every web page I have to either press shift + r to improve the quality of one image, or shift + a to improve the quality of all images on the page, otherwise they are pixilated and you cannot see them properly. Is there a way I can have them automatically...


This might be of help:…

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How can I improve the quality of my avatar image?

I am practically an albino in coloring, so my photos are already pale. By the time I upload an image as an avatar, I usually look like a ghostly apparition. ← Any special tricks or suggestions on how can I improve the quality of my avatar image?


adjust the white balance when taking pics to create a warmer image. avoid flash photos when possible...

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How can I improve the image quality and reduce lag on my laptop?

I've got a rinky dink HP laptop, it's nothing fancy at all. I've recently gotten really into playing this RPG'ish type game online. Sometimes my laptop can't handle certain situations and it lags like crazy. Plus, I know the graphics can be MUCH better...


Increase your RAM for starters. Get a newer, better video card. Do a defrag on your hard drive. Download...

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How do I improve the image quality from my Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver?

The image quality from my PS4 and BT Vision box has taken a dip in since I connected them both through my AV receiver. They're all connected via HDMI. What can I do to improve more


I always connect all video directly to the tv and then connect an optical audio cable from the tv to...

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How can I Improve Image Quality with JVC GZ-HD3?

I've JVC GZ-HD3 Camcorder. How can I improve Video quality as like as Hollywood films? I' haven't got enough money for 35mm adapter. What are the cheap alternatives?


To improve video quality, sell that JVC and go get a camcorder that has MiniDV tape as a storage media...

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Is there any way to improve image quality on Windows Photo Gallery?

Apart from using the colour and the brightness tools is there any actual way of making the image less pixelated?


That program is almost strictly an image viewer. Even the best software can do very little with low...

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Best way to improve image quality?

I have a few images of adequate quality, from which I would like to try and remove some of the pixelation and just make them look a bit more polished. I have access to Photoshop CS5 and that's about it. File size is irrelevant. I'd prefer common formats...


2 tips: 1: when sizing up a photo use the 110 rule which is instead of sizing all at once do it in increments...

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How can pixel density (MP/cm^2) , effective pixels MP and sensor size affect the image quality ?

Hello i know that sensor size affects the image quality (as bigger as better) . Also i know that effective pixels affect the image size but i was confused when my friend (an old photogragher) told me that pixel density has adverse effect on the image...


Pixel density is but one part of the image quality equation. The more important part is the actual size...

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