How to increase application performance with Centralised SQL Server?

Let’s learn how to increase application performance with Centralised SQL Server. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Database Administrators.

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How to increase application performance with Centralised SQL Server

I’m trying to get my head around to make better way to increase the performance of my application System based on single SQL Server with 50 clients tablets pc(its connected to local wireless). my application is winform and its used 4.5 framework. Client’s tablets are rapidly accessing to centralise SQL server for transactions. currently System is working without any interruption but sometimes users are complaining about its slowness I think problem is its concurrently accessing the same...


You should evaluate your indexing strategy on the table being accessed. This can greatly affect the...

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How to tweak SQL Server 2008 to increase query performance?

I have a mvc3.0 application that is using a database on SQL Server 2008 R2 on a server machine that has Windows SQL Server 2008 OS. It seems that the performance is not as good as I expected to be at least when compared to MYSQL. Do you have any recommendations...


Become familiar first with SQL Server Profiler - a tool that can help you isolate slow performing queries...

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Software Performance: Why does detailed logging in a Java application server slow it down and increase CPU load?

My experience today is on GlassFish Application Server but it should be applicable to other application servers. I had a webapp serving REST APIs. It had  large amounts of logging using log4j logging to stdout. I checked the CPU usage on a per thread...


Some possible reasons: Logging may flush the output and syncs to the filesystem per log line. This...

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How should we scale/optimize a slow ruby on rails application?

Hi everyone, My name is Michael Solovyov and I'm the co-founder & CTO of a rails-based start-up.  We have built a product for other businesses to help their users adopt their products. We've built the application, delivered to a few customers and...


The answer from Vladimir Legkunets is basically what I would tell you to do in order to begin diagnosing...

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Which can help increase concurrent users for testing server performance?

I'm in charge of testing performance of SQL server right now. With large concurrent user, 15-600 , is there anyway to make this happen? You can't make your friends or anyone that help you at the same time.


Manual Testing can help that

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Recommendations on this ?

Hi guyz,,,,,i have a windows 2k3 server installed on a highly configured machine with SQL server 2000. Ok so recently we had developed our intra net application on .net and testing on this server. my question is , should i keep SQL server on the same...


see this is a case of 2 tier architecture if u r server (database) is expected to have a lot of load...

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Increase performance of website?

I am working on a social networking portal. Its almost complete but now the issue is its performance. I am very much worried about its performance. There re loads of things on the side like video & snaps sharing, uploading and playing etc. I heard...


Are you on a powerful dedicated server?

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Splitting a SQL Server 2012 database into multiple files

I have an application whose database will soon grow beyond the 2TB limit of its disk drive. I have additional drives available to me, each with 2TB of space. What I would like to do is split this database across 2 drives, with some of the tables on drive...


Here's a discussion on MSDN with appropriate links on how to add files and use DBCC SHRINKFILE to force...

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Article about Bespoke software vs. Off the shelf software

I am marketing a website that provides bespoke software in the UK. I think that some original articles are required to add bulk to the website and increase it's usefulness as a resource. The article should be between 300 and 600 words and should contain...


Hi bvandyk-ga, I've managed to use all your phrases, but it's somewhat repetitive in places as a result...

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Any job offerings in Canada for WinForms MCPD, WPF MCTS, Sql2008 Dev MCTS currently living in Azerbaijan?

Curriculum Vitae Surname Name: Date of birth: Address: Tel(home): Tel(mob): E-mail: Nationality: Sadigov Tural 21 april 1986 Azerbaijan/Baku S.Dadashov st 65/105 +994(012) 510-04-69 +994(055) 473-22-61 Azerbaijani Characteristics...



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