How to increase brightness of screen on Android?

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How could you increase the screen brightness in Android using a seek bar?

I would like to increase the brightness of the screen using a seek bar within my Android application, but I'm not sure how to do this. How can I add this functionality?


Using this you can set the screen brightness: WindowManager.LayoutParams lp = getWindow().getAttributes...

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Code to increase Screen brightness in Android?

Hey can any one tell me which class and constructor is used for increasing the brightness of the screen



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How to increase screen brightness on laptop ?

My arrow key (up) is not working anymore and i am unable to increase my laptop's screen brightness anymore. Right now its at its least. Is there any other way to increase the brightness ????? I use Fn + Arrow key up(brightness increase) to increase it...


there's another way, click the fn + f6 that's what I always do when I want to change the brightness...

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Which android app allows to schedule screen brightness, GPS on/off and other functionalities?

I had an app on my old phone that scheduled my screen brightness timings, gps on/off timings, and other tasks, but i cant recollect that app, does any one know such app


There's Tasker and Automatit for you to check out on Android

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Check if your video card has a Control Panel. If so, search in there for where the monitor settings...

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cranky 17" g4 powerbook screen

Why does my 17" PowerBook G4 screen suddenly go black? Last night the screen started going wiggy ... I tried to wake it up from screensaving mode, and the display was VERY dim, such that I could barely make out the login prompt. It brightened up...


You can tell if the backlight is failing by shining a flashlight on the screen. If you can see the contents...

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Alienware 7700 LCD screen problem?

HELP ME i'm very MAD here my MOBO fried 2 months ago & i changed it i was thinking of upgrading the VGA but i found this problem today alienware 7700 is a Clevo D900T i was turning on the 7700 as usual & suddenly i realized that the screen didn...


I have the same issue with mine, I am not sure of what can be done yet, as I have taken mine apart and...

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Monitor Busted: need to increase brightness?

I have a very old Compaq Monitor. no drivers available wtsoever... i use it on full brightness and contrast but it still is too dark to use for many things... i dont want to get it repaired and i dont care if it gets burnt up by wat u say.. is there...


This is a hardware problem. Software will not fix it. The monitor is tired, and needs to be replaced...

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Samsung 32 inch (LN32D403) LCD auto-dimming/auto-brightness issue?

Hello. I have a Samsung 32 inch (LN32D403) LCD- great picture, but I have noticed the auto-brightness/auto-dimming issue- where the brightness on the screen will increase/decrease, depending on the image that is being displayed. I do not especially mind...


Energy saving AND the eco sensor need to be off. If it still does it the digital main needs to be replaced...

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Mac: How to adjust brightness on my new LCD HD IH253DPB computer monitor?

It's an I-Inc. monitor. There are buttons along the bottom to increase volume, brightness, etc. - but if I hit the brightness button, a box comes up showing me a bar with + at one end and "-" at the other ... but I can't seem to adjust the...


For a Mac computer, check system preferences, Display for brightness and for volume, sound. Adjustments...

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