How to install a GPS System in a car?

Let’s learn how to install a GPS System in a car. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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GPS systems are standard features in many new vehicles. A GPS system communicates with satellites to...

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How effective are in-car GPS navigation systems for a small county like Singapore?

In-car GPs navigation system are helpful as it helps to identify exactly where you are and how to get to your point of destination. Question is, do you think it's necessary for motorists in a small country like Singapore to install a GPS navigation system...


There are so many brands of in-car GPS navigation or tracking systems that have varied functions. Irrespective...

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Will the Alpine PKGD106M300 Car In-Dash GPS Navigation System work in a Acura?

Will the Alpine PKGD106M300 Car In-Dash GPS Navigation System work in a Acura? I called and they told me not to install an after market in dash navigation system in a Acura 08-09 model because it will create a fault with the cooling system...


Crutchfield got it right.

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Remote car starter, keyless entry, security system, difficult or not so bad?

I've been thinking about getting a Bulldog Security Deluxe car remote starter, keyless entry, security system package for my 2003 Ford Crown Victoria P71 (Police Interceptor). I sell police interceptors to the public and in order for us to confidently...


If you are capable of installing a gps interrupter then you should be fairly familiar with the electrical...

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Where can I get a gps that will install into my 2009 CR-V EX model?

I'd really like to have a gps system installed into the dash of my car, but I checked best buys website and they do not make any that fit into my car. I'm wondering if there is one that I can purchase through them with a kit they can install? I'm not...


Go to a Car audio store and buy one of your choice most of these stores will install for free with any...

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Can Honda install a stock touch screen navigation system into my honda civic?

Ok, I recently bought a brand new honda civic coup 2011 model. I got the EX that does not come with the touch screen navigation system. There is a honda civic model that does come with in the dash board, called "In-Dash Car GPS Navigation System...


Look at spending at least 2000 for it Plus install. Might as well got the civic exl at time of purchase...

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Can we install a nav system to 2011 dodge charger se?

I was gonna get a 2011 dodge charger se, but the dealer told me that i can't get nav/ gps system in that particular car. Can we install a built in gps system in dodge charger se seperately?


You can, but I'd just get a portable one. ...

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Is it legal for a car dealer to install a gps in a customer's car with out their knowledge?

The car lot called 2 weeks after the car was financed and asked me to bring the car in because they wanted to detail it for me. 1 month later the car lot calls and says there is a recall on the warranty and i needed to bring it in. ok? 1 DAY later my...


Not on a customers car but you've missed one minor detail: It isn't your car. The finance company holds...

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Vehicles: Ways to install a drive-by-wire system on any car?

I planned to install a drive-by-wire system on my car. But after asked the retailer for EMC (electric mobility control) system, they only install these devices for physically challenged people with proper evaluation from DMV. What's the alternative I...


What exactly do you mean by a 'drive by wire' system for your car? The mobility systems you refer to...

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Help choosing a car GPS system

We have been thinking of buying a GPS for our car; but been having a surprisingly difficult time making up our mind (at this point primarily between the Garmin nuvi 50LM GPS navigator and the pricier Garmin nüvi 1450LMT 5-Inch Portable...


I have the 50LM navigator. It works great, I love it. As far as a traffic updater, there are many apps...

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