How to learn anything fast?

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I wont waste your or my time by writing long answer since I know you will be going out and learn some...

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Yes, many deaf people learn to talk, its called oralism, one technique is placing a hand on a teachers...

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so much of learning depends on you, the learner. What is your motivation, learning style, methods, access...

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I want to learn german, i dont know anything about german language! in how much duration can i learn it..?

i may be going to germany in a year or so, for job purpose, currently doing my degree from ip university, delhi.


thats great , i recommend you this page , you can get more information :

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In general, yes. Everything in gymnastics/tumbling is progression based. Handstand, handstand into bridge...

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What is animation? Is is necessary to learn how to Draw? Then how to learn to Draw to be an Animator for a person who does not know anything about it?

Post Youtube links if necessary .... And please answer correctly cuz I wanna be an Animator but dont know anything about it and I dont even know Drawing.


Please see my response here. Is it possible to become a character animator without an art background...

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