How to make a computer use more RAM?

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How can I make my computer use more RAM?

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit with 8GB of RAM. The problem is, I very rarely use all of it. I do some video editing from time to time and it definitely comes in handy then, but for everyday use, I'm not making best use of it. Are there any settings I can change which will force my operating system to use more RAM, for instance, stopping it using pagefiles? I'm happy for it to use up to 4GB itself when I'm just mucking around browsing and moving files around. As far as I know, having more of the...


Control panel->system->avdanced system settings->advanced->performance settings->advanced...

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How to make my computer use all of its RAM (While playing a game that only optimizes one core)?

Ok, I have a AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core computer with 8gb of system ram running on a Windows Vista 64-Bit. When I play my game (garrysmod) my computer only recognizes around 2.82gb of ram. On certain areas of the game it lags uncontrollably. I want to...


it depends if the game is 32 bit...if not you are stuck...

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Does anyone know how to make a portable USB stick into RAM where you can use it for your computer for Vista ??

Does anyone know how to make a portable USB stick into RAM where you can use it for your computer for Window Vista ?? Because I remember someone I don't remember who but someone used a portable USB stick as an External RAM but I remember it only work...


You are refering to what is called "Ready-Boost". First the USB stick must be Vista compatible...

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How can you use a Memory stick as ram to make your computer faster?

I recenty plugged my memory stick into my computer and it came up with an option for your computer to use the memory from the stick to make it faster. Does anyone know how to use / turn on because i clicked of it by mistake and it wont come on again...


hit the F1 key and type in> readyboost That will help you access it and understand it a bit more.

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The "paging file" is already a form of virtual memory. There is no way to use a paging file...

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You want to "use it all" as in make the system so overloaded nothing runs properly. A PC will...

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Yes, if it uses a client side scripting language such as java script. Such languages help web servers...

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No. The USB 1.1 found on a Pentium III system is far slower than the memory or IDE bus. You would be...

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How do you know when you have enough RAM memory in your computer?

To put it another way, how do you assess the ideal amount of RAM to install in your computer in order to maximize performance and speed of your system for your normal functions, but also knowing that adding additional RAM would make no further improvement...


its a waste of money to purchase more RAM if you don't have a need for it. also uninstall that freeware...

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How can i make my computer faster?

Ok, my computer is special made. It was made by some local computer store by the name of pc club or something. Anyway, i want to play maplestory, but i cant. It makes my computer slow. In game, i dont lag much unless im in channel 1 fm 1. with loads...


You have two options that will have the best results. You can upgrade your hardware, or you can upgrade...

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