How to make a page on Wikipedia?

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In the search box near the top left of a page, type the title of the new article, then click Go. You...

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How can I make the Wikipedia page for a client get to the first page of their SERP?

For very specific reasons, one of our clients is interested on having their Wikipedia page appear on their Google SERP. Currently, it is on the third page in Google, and on the first page in Bing. Should I try to build links for it, or would Google penalize...


I believe that linking from your clients website to the wiki will increase the association between your...

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How do you make an Informational page on WIKIPEDIA?

how do you make a page on wikipedia about a subject??? or can you even make your own??? i made an account but i just dont know how to make a page about a subject.


you dont need to even have an account. and to make an article you can either find a red link somewhere...

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Hi, how do I make a search result from Wikipedia, Bing etc stays on same page instead of browser opening up another tab? I am using Drupal7 with these search features on site front page sticky on top basic page I want visitors to not drift away!

The reason I do this is because I want the iGoogle like customized site, giving Bing, Wikipedia etc search boxes easily accessible to them, yet I want them not to wander away from my site so they can look at my advts, articles etc.


If the results page shows up in the current tab, your site still gets buried, in the history.  Who knows...

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How do I make a new page on Wikipedia?

I recently joined Wikipedia and I figured out how to edit a page, but I need someone spell out to me exactly how to make a new page.


type the name of the page you want in the search and search if wikipedia found nothing you can make...

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How to make Wikipedia page in other language?

For example,there is article named "Potato" (,so how to make eg. Serbian version of page,so it's (potato in more


You need to add "interwiki" links to each page. At the bottom of each page, make a wikilink...

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How do you make a Wikipedia Page?

Can someone please tell me step-by-step how to make a Wikipedia Page? More specifically ,where do I click on the site to create a new page?


It's really simple, here's what you do. Type your article's title in the search engine, and it should...

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How do you make a wikipedia page for a local band?

we tried to make a wikipedia page, but it's going to be deleted, the band is very popular and definitly in the spotlight, and the page is all Bio and information, nothing bad, more


No, but as they become more popular the chances increase, see Wikipedia:Notability (music) http://en...

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I want to make a page like Wikipedia but I dont want other people to edit it. I only want to edit the page.


PBwiki (now PBworks) offered password protected wiki, so that either the creator or invited users could...

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How to make a page on wikipedia?

i just created an account on wikipedia. how do i create a page on wikipedia?


This is how to make a page on wikipedia And this is how...

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