How to make homemade flavored water?

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How to make homemade salt water?

i bought salt water hermit crabs at my beach club for 25c and i only got a little bit of salt water. if you put salt in water does it make salt water


Do not use table salt! Your crabs will die. Go buy "sea salt." The kind I use is in a blue...

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How can I make a homemade water bong?

I would like to know how to make a homemade water bong so if you could tell me how or give me some links to online instructions or preferably videos showing me how that would be great :) Thanks :D


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How do I make my own flavored water?

I love aquafina wildberry flavored water! how do I make my own?


If you like cucumbers, mint and lemon, this water is wonderful in many ways. It is very refreshing,...

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How to make a homemade water filter?

i have this science project at school and i have to filter soil from water. ive tried using cotton and filter paper but the colour of the water was yellow. how can i fix it so the water is clear?


In asia they use alum to make the dirt stick together and filter out easier. Some pickle recipes call...

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Help! How to make homemade salt water?!?

My little brother took some hermit crabs and a crab from a beach and we only just found out a few moments ago. I did a little research and found that they NEED salt water, but the ocean is another hour drive away. He really wants to keep it, but we don...


HELLO EMILY, I can't believe I found your question. And damn that slut she just whacked me when I asked...

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How to make homemade water filter for backpacking?

Looking for ideas on making a lightweight water filter to take backpacking. I still plan on boiling the water but just looking for something to take the debris out of it. T Y


After boiling your water or using water purification tablets such as Chlorine Dioxide (Katadyn MicroPur...

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How do you make a simple and homemade water powered car?

My girlfriend's trying to make a water powered car for a shcool project and needs ideas.


Hydrogen fuel cells, use electrolysis to separate the oxygen from the hydrogen, and go from there!

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How can i make a homemade water filter for my fish tank/Aquarium?

i want to make a water filter for my fish aquarium


Not exactly sure why you'd want to do this but it's easy enough , and the results work great. There...

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How can I make water flavored lolli pops?

Not the kind that comes out of the faucet. I want the expensive tasting water lolli pops.


It's a very difficult process, first you buy Koolaid. then you mix the koolaid with water. Then you...

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It's only supposed to give a slight flavor. Just put the whole freakin lemon wedge in there .. I love...

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