How to make my own Android custom calendar?

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how to make a custom calendar in android application?

I have to make an application with a calendar control built in for android 2.1-2.3. I have tried to search for a inbuilt & external library to achieve this but have not been able to. Hence now i have decide to code the calendar myself. i was thinking of doing it via GridView. How do i go about this. If there is a code available then do produce it over here. It would really be very helpful.


Maybe this can help you:

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How do I make an Android calendar app?

Hello, I recently began android development and wanted to start a calendar app for fun and to learn the basics of android development. I am descent at Java, but I have no experience with android development. What type of layouts should I review and learn...


Grid layout would probably be the best for making your calendar grid. Possible tabviews for months?...

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How did my android phone calendar appointments make it to my iPad?

I use a GalaxySII android phone and put all my appointments on my phone's calendar. I updated my first generation iPad to IOS5 last week. This morning, I noticed that all my android phone calendar items are now on my iPad calendar. I do not think I did...


If you had set up a sync option between your phone and your google calender and your iPad and google...

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Is there a way to make separate notification volumes in android for the calendar reminders and text messages?

It seems in Android 2.2 (Incredible) that the notification volumes for both the calendar and text messages are the same. I'd like to essentially mute the calendar sound (but have it vibrate) but make my text messages make a sound plus vibrate. I can...


Notification volume in Android is a global setting, not app specific.  That means that all apps using...

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In Android, how can you make a custom UI appear when the phone is called, instead of the default UI?

Hello, I have developed an android application that is notified when the users phone is called. For now its only an Activity and I would like to make it a Service. Which of the two kind of services provided by the android SDK should it be? Also, how...


It is not possible to replace the phone screen UI for incoming calls. This is implemented by a builtin...

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How to make a large custom calendar?

I though of Gifting my wife with a calendar involving our pictures as a new year gift. Is there any website where I could sort of add my pictures and make it? Please post all your more


That's sweet mate, I hope you get a good answer here I'd like to make myself a calander for the coming...

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Is there someone I can make a request to for a custom calendar?

I have a thing for Matthew Gray Gubler and his character Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. I would REALLY like a calendar of him. I tried those do it yourself sites and they suck. Is there any where I can go and say I want this and this and have...


There are people on ebay who do that so go there.

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Is it legal to make a custom hat with the android logo?

I went to Lids and they said that they couldn't because they don't have the license but I thought that the android logo is under the Creative Commons Attribution license which more


The "tm" next to the Antroid name means that it has been trademarked. The offical logo for...

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switching from Android to iPhone: how does it work?

I am a Windows PC/Android person to the teeth, have never used any Apple hardware or software other than iTunes in my life, and am now suddenly in the position of having to use an iPhone 4S running iOS 8 as my main phone for the indefinite future. Everything...


And no, the home screen is not customizable. No widgets.

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Google Apps calendar and calendar: can they get along?

How do I work with both my Google Apps Calendar and my Gmail calendar? Bonus points: on a G1/Android phone. I have a G1/Android phone linked to my account. I consider this identity my primary one for everything but work, and all of my important...


Supporting multiple google login accounts - specifically, a Google Apps account and a regular Gmail...

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