How to make videos on Sony Vegas Pro 9?

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How can I make youtube videos HD using Sony Vegas Pro 9.0? Read Details please.?

I followed some tutorials on youtube and I've been able to get the option to watch my video in HD, problem is all qualities look the same! Someone please help me out to why the videos are doing this?! You can look up my example video on That is my channel and watch the cliff video and please help me.


in Sony Vegas, File>New Under video tab, there is template. Scroll down the list and make sure you...

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How to make videos compatible with sony vegas pro 11?

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question with a really obvious answer but I still haven't gotten a handle on the software yet. I have video footage downloaded and it's compatible with windows media player but it won't import into sony vegas pro 11 for...


The best fomat for sony vegas pro is MPEG-2 and MPEG-4,,if you want to edit video ,you had better convert...

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How to make HD quality videos using Sony Vegas 8 pro?

Im using a regular camera, not an high tech camera to record my videos. How can you make it so it will look HD?


Resolution is resolution - you can't get 5 gallons out of a 3 gallon container. You can CONVERT UP....

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The Sonay Vegas Pro 9 manual will explain to you ho wto make chopped and screwed music videos with the...

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Help with Sony Vegas?

Okay, I'm making this Youtube poop project on the computer, and I can't find my videos. I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 9 and Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD to make my Youtube Poop, and I copied my videos onto the flash drive and put in on my Windows 7. Now, I...


Are the files WMV? If they are not, which is most likely the case since youtube downloads are usually...

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Sony vegas brightness problem?

Ok so I imported some small mpeg4 videos into sony vegas to make it one whole video. As I was in sony vegas pro 9, I rendered the video to the same files they were before; mpeg4. Once the video was done being rendered, I watched it and it seemed it made...


contact their tech support

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Poor quality of avi videos in Sony Vegas Pro 11?

I used fraps to record some stuff about a video game Im playing and I want to make a video about it. The deal is in Sony Vegas Pro 11 my avi videos have very bad quality but when I open them on VLC or Windows Media Player the quality is good. Anyone...


When you record gameplay with FRaps, the quality is good. However, when you convert the recorded video...

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How can I get my Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 not to lag?

I am currently am using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 to make Anime Music Videos. I am trying to use a lot of effects such as masking, TV Simulator, and anything else flashy. The problem is that more


There's nothing like more memory.

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Sony Vegas Pro 11 or Sony Vegas Platinum 11?

Okay so I already have Sony Vegas Pro Platinum 9.0, and for example to make YT videos if i want to download a plug-in or FX it is only downloadable for sv pro 8 or i wanna buy the new sv 11 and in which one will i be able to download plug-ins,...


Try Platinum 11. Good luck!

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Need Help on Sony Vegas Pro 11?

So i just downloaded and purchased the Sony Vegas Pro 11 Program today because i wanted to make more pro looking videos on youtube because i make runescape videos on youtube and its a new program and i need a lot of practice to get used to the program...


YouTube is your friend

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