How to make yahoo mail open directly to Inbox?

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How do I make yahoo mail go directly to inbox?

When I go to it loads the sign in page for yahoo and then redirects me to a page that shows Yahoo Mail Aggregator. I then have to click an email inside of the aggregator to load my inbox. I have a couple emails that don't do this, this is the only email that takes this route. How can I change my settings so when I go to my email it just loads my mail and not the all in one page with the mail aggregator?


The only way to do it is to use a script, and you have to use firefox. First you have to change your...

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How to make messages in Inbox folder appear on the right of the Yahoo Mail page ?

The folders at Yahoo! Mail Inbox appearing on the left side of the page is now spreading entire the page. In an answer about 1 hour ago, I was helped with a guide to click, hold the edge of the invalid side, then drag it to the left. I did try to do...


right click on the screen to bring up menu go to encoding and check which choice on the bottom is highlighted...

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How do i get my inbox yahoo mail make sounds so i no theres new mail there?

trying to set up my yahoo inbox so it plays a sound when new email or text is delivered


New email alerts are on the messenger. If you have it installed, then go to and click Messenger, scroll...

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How so I make Yahoo mail inbox home page?

I want the yahoo mail box to open first in Firefox and in safari. Need the step by step procedure for both


For any browser 1. Navigate to the page you wish to use. If it is a mail page, do NOT sign in. 2. Go...

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On Yahoo! Mail, how do I automatically make my incoming emails go to one of my folders instead of my inbox?

I know there is a way to make my incoming emails, which certain people from my contacts have sent me, to automatically go straight to a folder instead of going to my inbox. This becomes very convenient when I constantly get emails from certain people...


Options > Mail Options > Filters > Add Filter > Make a filter name > fill in Sender and...

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How do I make mail that comes to my Yahoo inbox go to the junk folder, so that it gets deleted after a while?

Hi, I joined this discussion group that sends an email every time someone posts comments. I know I can delete them myself, and have tried just clicking on 'Spam" on the emails I already have, but new ones keep coming to inbox? How can i make them...


Most likely if you go to your discussion group website and look at your preferences or settings for...

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My yahoo mail INBOX always says 2 e mails, but there are no unread emails! How to make it correct number e mai

Why my my yahoo mail box always says 2 unread mails when in fact there are none? How to fix this?


2 years ago I thought the same thing look back thru ALL the Inbox pages to find 2 Unread msgs + if its...

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How to make all the mail that comes to yahoo inbox go to gmail?

In other words, I want to check my yahoo mail using gmail..


There is no way with the free Yahoo account. ℬ ℋ

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yahoo will start charging for emaILS get ready…

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You can set any email account to forward emails to another account.

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