How to open a new ng-view inside ng-view?

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How use ng-view inside ng-view?

I have main ng-view, and controller with left\right side. The right side is fixed, but left side I want change by other templates and controllers. <div ng-controller="MainCtrl as main"> Choose: <a href="Book/Moby">Moby</a> | <a href="Book/Moby/ch/1">Moby: Ch1</a> | <a href="Book/Gatsby">Gatsby</a> | <a href="Book/Gatsby/ch/4?key=value">Gatsby...


I used a solution derived from here:

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How do I use a full page image background in AngularJS based web app?

This is what I am doing and want: I have several pages that are rendered using angular routes like: --home.html --about.html and so on All these pages reside in partials folder. The problem is that I want a separate full page background image for all...


You can do this in the following manner: Apply a controller on the body level. Create classes to apply...

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