How to output the results of an procedure in SQL server?

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How to output the results of a stored procedure with a while loop MS SQL Server?

I'm performing some calculations on tsunami's wave time between different radii. I'm having trouble outputting the results of the stored procedure into a table. The output I get is a blank table without any data stored. The log says "0 rows affected". For some reason my inputs and outputs are not registering. I thinking it could have something to do with the way I'm using the loop inside to SP. CREATE PROCEDURE SP_Tsunami ( @oceanDepth int, @radii1 int, @radii2 int, @tsunamiSpeed int...


Doesn't make much sense to insert the data into table and then read it from there. All the rows you...

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Citrix, Mail Merges, and You

I’m having a hell of a time getting a bunch of mail merge documents to play nice with a Citrix Presentation Server setup, and I’d appreciate any thoughts anybody might have. The facts: 1. I administer a freshly-installed...


User permissions issues?

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Issues with Perl, Xampp - connecting to Microsoft Access?

Hi, I just installed XAMPP after having no luck figuring out how to configure Apache (yes, I am very much a rookie). I installed it and after playing around for a while I was able to get my first Perl script to work (hello world). Step 1 accomplished...


Your first step is to get the Perl program working OUTSIDE of the Apache environment. THEN worry about...

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@@ERROR returns ''1'' in SQL Server 2005 stored procedure but procedure executes successfully. Please Help?

Guys, below is my stored procedure in sql server 2005. The problem is, @@ERROR is returning 1 however the procedure executes successfully and deletes the record. I have a check on front end that if @@ERROR returns 0 then display a ''success'' message...


1. Make sure the delete actually worked. 2. Try a workaround by trapping @@error in an integer local...

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TIMEOUT EXPIRED calling Stored Procedure from Access 2000 on SQL Server 7

I have an Access Data Project that links via odbc to my SQL Server, with no problems (I'm running windows NT). Now, i want to give someone else access to the SQL Server, so i created the usernames and gave her a copy of the ADP file and set up the odbc...


Hi, Den: Since the dbconnection property in Access is set to 0 (right? in your Access code?), I'm suspecting...

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SQL Server Integration Services and Flat File Output

You are a SQL Server Integration Services guru. I need help with what appears to be a simple problem with a flat file connection manager. Observe the following snippet of an SSIS package: SSIS Package Snippet Both of the Flat File Destination tasks on...


I would say that yes, the way you currently do it is probably not going to work. I would personally...

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Is it possible to backup just SQL server 2008 R2 data tables without stored procedures or functions and restore to another database without disturbing that databases procedure/functions?

This is for a ETL recovery procedure where a production jobs fails and the same job in development succeeds.  Both schemas are the same but we don't want to copy any stored procedures or functions because they may not have all passed QA yet.  Rerunning...


A backup in SQL Server is a page level copy of the database. A restore moves that page level copy back...

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Creating hierarchy results table in SQL Server 2005?

I'm trying to create a list of galleries in parent - child order so the results would come out like Parent Gallery 1 Parent Gallery 1s children Parent Gallery 1s children children Parent Gallery 2 Parent Gallery 2s children Parent Gallery 2s children...


Try the WITH common table expression, perhaps like this: WITH t (name, id, level, path) as (SELECT name...

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How to solve this SQL ERROR?

2011-06-14 19:09:40.37 server Copyright (C) 1988-2002 Microsoft Corporation. 2011-06-14 19:09:40.37 server All rights reserved. 2011-06-14 19:09:40.37 server Server Process ID is 768. 2011-06-14 19:09:40.37 server Logging SQL Server messages in file...


Have fun.

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