How to read a PDF file with PHP?

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Read the content of a PDF with PHP?

I need to read certain parts from a complex PDF. I searched the net and some say FPDF is good, but it cant read PDF, it can only write. Is there a lib out there which allows to get certain content of a given PDF? If not, whats a good way to read certain parts of a given PDF? Thanks!


I see two solutions here: converting your PDF file into something else before: text, html. using a library...

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There isn't really an *easy* way to do it. You'll likely have to install the XPDF package, or something...

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You have to embed it or include it inside a special framework. You can find many ways by searching for...

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Converting a .pdf file to word doc, printout of .pdf is nessesary?Because .pdf font so small and not clear when I enlarge it with Adobe photoshop.How can I type on MS-WORD?iS THERE ANY OTHER WAY TO TYPE ALL CONTENT OF .PDF FILE INTO MS WORD FILE?


Try this:

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How to read PDF file perfectly on Kindle 3?

We all know that Kindle couldn't read PDF file perfectly, we couldn't change the font size and it 's too small for us to read it. If you zoom out the page, you need to use arrow to left and right to see the full file. it's a trouble for people to read...


Here is a good way to convert PDF to Kindle Mobi format for friendly reading on Kindle. How to Convert...

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PHP Developers: Why do I get an error attaching a larger than 2KB JPEG file in a pdf using ezPDF?

I am using ezPDF class to generate PDF in PHP. If I try to add a JPEG file with a size below 2KB, it works fine; however, with a JPEG file larger than 2KB, the whole PDF file gets corrupted. After opening the PDF file, I get "alert('file is corrupted...


Hmmm is there an exit call in the php script after generating the pdf output? HTML could get appended...

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I have a PDF file on my flash drive. If I open the file I can read it on my computer but I cannot print it.?

Upon opening the file I get the message 'pages out of range' but am still able to read the entire file on the computer. When I try to print this file I only get the first page. I have tried to select a few pages to print but still I get the first page...


reinstall or update your acrobat reader

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Upload file using php code for Doc and pdf file?

Can anyone please tell me what changes i have to make in this code below to make this file upload restricted to doc, pdf, rtf only thank you <?php if more


$allowedExts = array("gif", "jpeg", "jpg", "png" , “pdf...

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How can I read an XML object file with PHP?

I am trying to read xml object file and store in an array for example my object file is as follow <object> <deal> <title>deal title</title> <description>deal description</description> <deal> &#...


// convert XML to an array using JSON encode/decode trick $array = json_decode(json_encode(simplexml...

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