How to rent a scooter in Rome?

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Renting a scooter in Rome -

Renting a scooter in Rome ... There are several private rental outfits for scooter rental in Rome: Treno e Scooter, at Track 1 inside Stazione Termini (tel.

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Is it worth it to rent a small (50 cc) scooter in Rome for two months?

I'll be in Rome for two months, and I'd like a way to get around quickly and explore. What kind of license (if any) do I need? (I don't have a driver's license) Which roads am I allowed to drive on, and how much access will the scooter give me? How dangerous...


Hello, unfortunately to drive a scooter in Italy it is compulsory to have a driver license. Without...

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Where can I rent a mobility scooter in rome,italy?

I'm talking about a scooter for people who have difficulty walking.


iI looked this up for you in the yellow pages, but couldn't find a place that rents scooters, only electric...

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It is possible to rent a mobility scooter in Rome, though there are not many companies that offer the...

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Do you need a dirvers license to rent a scooter in Rome?

any company's that don't require one?


I'm afraid you'll need one... Without you could only rent a bike...

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I need to rent a Cheap Scooter in Rome?

I have trouble findind "cheap" prices... the ones aI had found look to me expensive (from 35 Euros per day) since you are talking cheap ir would be easier to take the more


There is a website, I think it is - or just do a search for Bici and Baci hire in Rome...

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125cc Scooter Hire Italy License Requirements for carrying a passenger

I have a full UK drivers licence and have completed my CBT (compulsory Basic Training) safety course. I am legally allowed to ride my 125cc Vespa scooter in the UK with L plates affixed, but am not allowed to carry a passenger. Am I allowed to rent a...


Howdy andrewgparker-ga, This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the Rome-based "Cyclo"...

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What is the cheapest way to rent a scooter in italy that can be taken around the country?

I do not have a motorcycle license, so I cannot rent a motorcycle but I would like to rent a scooter for a few days to take from Venice to Rome. Does anyone know how much this will more


can't do it... without motorcycle license cannot drive a 250cc... and in highway cannot drive with something...

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I am going to visit Taiwan in January how much does it cost to rent a scooter?

I am going to be visiting Taiwan to look for a place for my wife and I to live come next fall, and I'm wondering how much it will cost to rent a scooter per day and can I rent them from my hotel or are they only from rental stores? Are the prices set...


It costs about 150-300NT a day to rent a scooter, depending on the size and quality of scooter and the...

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Can I rent a motorized scooter in New York City?

Heading to NYC tomorrow with some friends and one of them just sprained his knee last night and can barely walk. Knowing that a ton of walking is required in the city, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place where we can rent him a scooter to get around...


Is it an electric or gas scooter? You may have problems with the cops with those that use gas. If you...

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