How to save RSS-feed to a database?

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Save RSS and XML Feeds to MySQL Databases - Feeds2MySQL

Webmasters then have full control over how RSS feed information is ... Contact Us; Buy Now; Save RSS Feeds to MySQL ... and stores results locally in a MySQL database.

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How to add new record in database and save the database using ASP?

Hello I am beginner of ASP coding. I can carry data from database using 'select' statement. But how can I insert the new record and update database? I am using MS Access. I am more


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How to save image to database using vb?

i'm trying to save pictures in access database (.mdb) but i can't plz tell me how to save pics in database?


getChunk(to retrieve pic) and appendChunk(to save the pic) methods are used to save pic in database...

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Frontpage Won't save my form into database, but the webpage does turn to "post successed"?

HI guys I just made a website with frontpage2003, there was a page that has a form which is gona submit to an Access database. I did all thing in the book. the form was linked to the database. and then, I upload it to my serve, I opened this page in...


All I have to say is FrontPage is the world's WORSE web editor. WordPad, Word, Publisher and even the...

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How to save photos accepted from user (through HTML form) to database?

In my website, i want to accept photos from users and save them to database(MS SQL) Can you please tell me, how can i do so? Also tell me how to retrieve those photos back from database to HTML page or JSP. Thank you.


Save the photo files as files on the site. Save the file names in the database. To retrieve them, just...

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Hibernate (Java): How to save xml data into database without Entity classes?

I want to save XML document values into database. I am using Hibernate 3 with SQL Server Database in my application. There are multiple issue: 1. Firstly I am trying to escape from marshaling XML to Java classes. Reason being that these XML can change...


You can represent your XML as CLOB column in the database. All you need to do is use something like...

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Database won't save new information?

I have been using the horrible new version of the database in yahoo groups. I will add information to the database, hit save, but then nothing saves. Am I doing something wrong? more


I'm having the same problem, and it doesn't matter what browser I'm using! I didn't like the updated...

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Database will not save ?

I am a Yahoo! group owner and I keep setting up a database and all goes well until I click SAVE. The database is not saved and the contents disappears. Does anyone else have this more


I have the same problem in ALL my groups Databases do not save, cannot be changed (I am using google...

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How to save and open a pdf file into access database (ole objects field) using window C# window form?

what i'm trying to do is save a pdf file into the ole object field of access database using a C# window form, then be able to open it too using the datagridview, is it possible? and how am i going to do it, i tried using the pdf reader COM object of...


Have your tried binary format?

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Tutorial on making flash shirt design studio & save it to database.?

Anyone know any tutorial about creating a shirt design studio in flash and then lets user to save it to my database? In detail: I am required to make a design website that allow members to custom made their own shirt design and save it. I'm using Adobe...


Visit this Site : " InkSoft Design Studio...

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