How to set up surround sound speakers to a TV?

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surround sound set up

I have a Vizio 50" Plasma HDTV with 3 HDMI outputs.  Presently I have my DirectTV HD/DVR box hooked up to HDMI 1 and my Sony Blu-Ray player hooked up to HDMI 2.  I just got a Panasonic Surround Sound Set (DVD player/receiver and 6 speakers) that I want to hook up so the surround sound works with both the TV audio and the Blu-Ray audio.  There is one HDMI output on the Panasonic DVD player/Receiver.  How do I connect it so all sound from TV and Blu-Ray goes through the Panasonic...


hello Patrick, The HDMI out on your Panasonic is for DVD player on your Panasonic and you should connect...

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How do I set up my TV Volume to come out of my Surround sound speakers?

I have a Fisher TV and a Kirsch Sound system. My DVD player is already hooked up to the sub and works perfect with my speakers. Now when I hooked up the red cord to the back of the TV and sub...Nothing. I'm pretty sure I put them in the right Out and...


Sorry, but you haven't provided enough info for a precise answer. You don't give model numbers, don...

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How can I connect my TV and PC to one set of surround sound speakers?

I've got a new hd tv a nd a kinda new pc I want to buy a surroud sound system that I can just use for both with having to change any connections. How would I do that? And can you recommend any models for me?


Bose has a system that might work.

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I have set up my surround sound speakers but my back (surround sound) speakers don't play for the TV- change?

How do I get my back speakers to work for everything besides DVD 5.1CH... main question


first the source for the TV must be supplied to your receiver digitally through either an HDMI input...

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Do you need to buy an A/V receiver to hook up a set of surround sound speakers to a 40 inch HD tv?

I ask because I want to know if I should just buy a set of speakers or if I should also buy a receiver.


An external surround system (AV receiver and surround speakers) will give the best sound, but you may...

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How do i set up the tv, dvd, and surround sound?

Onkyo Receiver TX-SR604 (3 optical input 1 output) Vizio LCD 42" HDTV 10A (optical connection) Sony dvd (optical connection) Bose Acoustimass 10 2 optical cables, 1 component set I can get the dvd sound to play through the surround sound speakers...


Connect optical from DVD player to receiver and you can't get sound from both at the same time.

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How do I get sound from all 5 speakers on my 5.1 surround?

Hi guys, I have a surround sound 5.1 system set up in my bedroom, it's blue ray and I also have a sat reciever hooked up aswell. I am using the hdmi cable and the optical cable for sound, it goes from my blue ray player to the sat. The sound works fine...


Keep in mind that not all tv program have surround sound, only those program with the Dolby Digital...

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How to connect surround sound system to play sound that comes out of the tv?

My Friend recently gave me his old surround sound system, the only thing is that he doesn't have the instructions manual, so i don't know what the model number is. I have a samsung ue32d5520 tv and have connected an optical audio wire between the tv...


First, you need to connect the optical cable to an optical INPUT on the surround sound (not an output...

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How to set up surround sound for ps3?

hi i wanted to know how to set up surround sound for ps3, i dnt yet have the surround sound speakers but i will get the Logitech X-540, do i need a surround sound reciever, the tv i get will be a lg 7000 (32 inch). how do i set up the surround sound...


For surround sound you will need a receiver and 5 speakers and a subwoofer. A home theater in a box...

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