How to start preparing for competitive exams?

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When should I start studying and preparing for my AP exams? What study plans will get me a high score?

I'm a junior and I have never taken an AP exam before. This year I am taking AP Chem, AP US History, and AP English Language. I don't think I will have to study as much for AP English Language. However, the other ones I am really worried about. I am not really sure where to start studying. Also, what are the best study strategies for a higher score. I really would like a 4 or 5 on these exams


It's probably a good idea to start around now since it's approximately a month until AP testing starts...

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For which competitive graduate exams should I start preparing at the beginning of my undergraduate college?

This year, I'll start my Bachelor studies in Comp. Engineering. Which exams should I start preparing for, which will make my graduate/MS admissions easier?


You should prepare for the GRE. I wouldn't say that you need to start preparing at the beginning of...

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When should I start preparing for SAT and TOEFL exams?

I am planning to go to the US after doing the IB course at Dhirubhai Ambani International School. So I will have to give SAT and TOEFL exams. I have currently given my 10th board more


Start right now------------------------

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Two weeks is a good guideline. It gives you time to organize all of your old papers and notes as well...

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How to start preparing for IAS exams?

Im doing #rd year of my BE >>>Please help me


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Does anyone here start preparing for exams with only one day to spare?

i do it and end up standing first in class. people think i'm so studious and i hate it when they do because i'm not. i am a voracious reader, but what i read has apparently nothing to do with studies.


I top my classes without even studying... Almost same situation, except I don't even study. And yes...

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Which is the right time to start preparing for gre and toefl exams?

for the students studying 3 year undergraduate course....


If you want to attend Fall2010 intake, you should have written the exam before itself... anyhow..start...

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Wen shud i start preparing for GRE n TOEFL exams 2 do ms in us??

hello!... i m an 18 yr old doin my first year BE electronics n instrumentation engineering in india...


Sooner the batter, on your own, in your spare time. But focuss on the study at hand, for now. GRE scores...

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