How to stop computer's screen from flashing?

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How can I stop my computer from flashing white on my screen when I scroll or watch videos?

when I watch videos and scroll, random rectangular shapes just flash white on the screen. I also can't record stuff on the screen, which sucks too. This is on an Intel Mac Leopard.


Okey, i see!! Maybe it's because of the heavy online traffic. I used to have the same problem. In this...

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How do I stop my advertisements from flashing on the left side of my screen, covering up my information?

Last week the advertisements on my Yahoo Beta Mail screen started flashing rapidly in the top middle portion of my screen. I tried to click and drag to correct this to no avail. Now the advertisements rapidly flash on the left side of my screen, covering...


I am having the same problem. I wanted to go ahead & post this to get someone's attention at yahoo...

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How can I stop random adverts flashing across my screen?

how can I stop random adverts flashing across my screen and not appearing in the dedicated box on the right side of the screen. The adverts flash in my operating area and cover the access boxes on various sites.


Are you talking about in-browser adverts? I use Firefox with the Addon NoScript. I have done this for...

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My quick launch toolbar is flashing, full screen/minimize also flash, why and how to stop this flashing?

This just started about five days ago. I don't know what caused this or how to make it stop. Please help


Hi, Try disabling AutoPlay. Disable it and the problem goes away. You can do that in the control panel...

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Stop screen flashing?

i have a galaxy 3 and screen keeps flashing are there soulutions to help me thanks


Galaxy tab 3 or S3?? which one? can't help you if you don't provide specific device model info! if its...

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Ok so my computer screen is flashing when i turn on the pc but no picture. the dvd rom also flashes none stop?

The screen,video card are both working I tested them in another computer. I left my computer on went outside couple hours came back to black screen like it went into sleep mode. I've tried draining power unplugging I even tested harddrive everything...


hi you have to make sure the rgb cable is connected properly and has no pins missing

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How can i stop my laptops screen from flashing every time i put i on the charger?

hi i don't like it that every time i put my laptop on its charger and the light on the screen starts to flash from dark to bright every time it moves i have a dell inspiron 910 please help P.S. does anyone know why my computer doesn't get charged even...


Hi, (this is for Vista or Windows 7) Go click on your battery in the bottom right corner and press adjust...

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Are there any files that i can delete to help improve my computers preformance and help stop screen of death?

the blue screen of death keeps popping up and i hate it!!! :[ is there any certain files i can delete to help prevent that and then just any others to help my computer in any way... thanks


Delete system32

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My flat screen tv is flashing, need help!?

Okay, I turned my tv on today and it was flashing, I could still see the picture but it was flashing and then i turn it off and on again and it was fine. it flashed for about 5 secs and it stopped....I turned off my tv when i was done...... now... i...


What sources are you using when this happens?? Just cable, or DVD, is the video looping through a receiver...

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Dell screen flashing colors?

I have a Dell Precision M4400. The screen recently started flashing green, blue, red, pink, yellow, etc. It's like a rave or a seizure on my screen. It's pretty, kinda, but I'd like it to stop. It's hurting my eyes. I've restarted it and checked the...


Hi, That is most likely a problem with the screen or the cable connecting it. About your only option...

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