How to track a stolen mobile?

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How do I track my stolen android phone-?

How do I go about finding stolen android phone?


file a police report.. thats about all you can do... unless you installed or activated any tracking...

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How can i track my boyfriends stolen boost mobile phone?

My boyfriends boost mobile phone was stolen, and it really pisses me off cause now i have no way to talk to him. is there anyway to track his phone? whoever has it has it turned on more


it wasn't stolen he just doesn't want to talk to you, in fact that is him breaking up with you the pussy...

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If I buy A Iphone 3G, and Lets Say It Some How Gets Stolen, Can I Track It By The New GPS?

Can you track the stolen iphone with the built in GPS? What if it's unlock for t-mobile? Can it still be possible? How does this work? what If they power off the phone, but sim is still inside? Can it still be tracked?Details Appreciated, i'm afraid...


No...GPS is a receiver not a transmitter... The only way to track any phone is if it's being used (like...

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Itouch already stolen how do I track it down ?

Whats a website to track your itouch thats already been stolen . I got my itouch jack today and I need a website that can track it down and it can't be a app to download to ur itouch cuz my itouch is already stolen plzzzz help me


you dont unless you have mobileme and they use the internet with it

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IPhone 4 got stolen, how can I track it faster?

So my little brothers iPhone 4 got stolen during 4th period yesterday at school, and we have the "find iPhone" app so I was tracking it yesterday but I was at work so I couldnt go search for it Til later around 7pm...we tracked it down outside...


At this point, I would use Find My iPhone to remote lock or remote wipe, so it will do it automatically...

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How can you track your ipod touch 4th generation if stolen?

How can you track your ipod? i didn't install Any software on my ipod to track it. so i'm wondering. how can you track it?


Unfortunately, you can't track down your iPod Touch even though if you have apps that try to find your...

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How to track my stolen IPod Touch?

okay i recently got my ipod touch stolen. are there any ways i can track it? i think its a girl who stole it. i had logged on my netflix on my ipod and when i got home to check my netflix, they had used it. but all the movies they'd watched were girl...


You have to go to the apple shop and bring your recite so that they can track it

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I have a nokia to track it if its stolen..?

I dont know wether ihas a tracker or not.. btw how does a tracker works? if i have a tracker in my phone..and if i flash it using a hacked firmware what will happen? will it b able to track if its lost or stolen?


u need to download a tracker app, nokia app store has many. If u flash ur phone u will most likely delete...

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Do you know how to track something that was stolen?

When I lived in Arizona, I had something stolen from me by one of my roommates. It was a gold ring my grandmother gave to me on my 15th birthday. She'd had it for years, and it was going to be a family heirloom. It's very important to me. My roommate...


If you have a photo of the ring, you may be able to contact pawn shops in the area. I am sorry that...

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How to track a stolen/missing ipod touch?

i got my ipod either stolen or was misplaced but either way i know it isnt in my house, so how do i track it or find it???


you can't sorry. unless you know some cops or fbi agents that will let you use their equipment

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