How to wrap tight a cut finger a child is picking on?

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How to wrap tight a cut finger a child is picking on?

He's a special needs child and we've put band aids more than once, we tried holding his finger and have tried wrapping his hand with a piece of clean cloth and when that didn't work we wrapped only his finger with gauze but he keeps trying to take it off until he eventually does. Then he goes back to picking at his cut, he's no longer bleeding but I'm worry it my get infected.


It's a really hard one because no matter what you put on it he is going to be disturbed by it. The only...

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How can this lesson plan accommodate to students with special needs?

Language Arts (Reading and Writing): Before reading any stories, ask the children what types of animals they know live on farms. Take notes on the white board or flip pages. Read farm stories; The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown, Chicken Little by...


VERY nice lesson plan! 1. Your accommodations should be based on the child's IEP. Do they get extended...

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I cut my finger and have some questions.?

I sliced my finger yesterday with a pair of scissors trying to cut the top off a bottle, it happened when i was trying to make the initial incision and it just pierced the other side and the hand that was holding it. Anyways it was bleeding pretty bad...


I prefer peroxide as it doesn't sting but doctors always recommend neosporin. Either can be found at...

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Have cut on finger, rusty nail stabbed me in the cut.?

Sounds stupid i know, but i have a cut on my finger i got from a shard of glass, i got it a couple of days ago. This morning i pulled up my carpet and put my finger on a rusty old nail that was holding the carpet. it poked right into the cut(which is...


if i was you i would get a tecnes jab because if the nail had tecnes on and you dont get it checked...

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How do I know which type of finger picking guitar lessons to take after 2 years of standard lessons?

There are Travis, Carter, Chet Atkins, Emmanuel, and others. I want to play love songs and country music songs finger picking. I took 2 years of standard guitar lessons so I know about 60 barre chords including open chords. Am I ready to take on finger...


Why limit yourself like that? Narrowing things down to such restrictive labels... ugh, it's just pointless...

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I cut my finger. how do i know if i cut a nerve, vein or need stitches?

hi, i just cut top of my middle finger slicing a grapefruit... it was dripping blood until i put on some pressure on it and i think the skin just attached back somehow but it was like bruised. i cleaned the wound with the rub alc and applied polysporin...


Your probably OK, but you never know... you could get an infection. If you can it's always best to seek...

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I cut my finger and now it's numb?

So a few days ago I accidently broke a glass bottle and when I was picking up pieces, I cut my finger. It didn't look bad at first. There was a lot of blood but it stopped after about a half an hour. It's a little bit less than a centimeter in width...


Yea, you should definitely get a tetanus vaccine during your visit to a doctor.

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How can I improve my guitar finger style picking?

I'm actually trying to pinpoint on finger style picking...or when the pick picks out bass notes (I've only been playing for a few months over a year by the way:) I think it's the best form of guitar playing for me for now...I can play a lot of other...


Put your thumb up on the low E string and use it to pick E A D and use your index for G your middle...

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Guitar - Finger Picking help?

I've been learning how to play guitar at school and I'm pretty good at strumming. But when it comes down to finger picking, oh man... it sucks. I know the basics like thumb plays bass strings and fingers 1, 2, and 3 play the 3 high strings. But I still...

Answer: I love this site. I used to stink at guitar, but this site shows you everything...

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Should I learn acoustic guitar via strumming or finger-picking?

Well, I know a little electric guitar but I just bought an acoustic and I want to learn acoustic way more then anything.. I prefer finger-picking, I love the sound it makes.. But I'm not sure I should learn that way because a lot of songs use picks....


no reason you can't learn both techniques, don't limit yourself to either one. http://guitarmanual.typepad...

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