I need help finding a photographer.

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Need help finding a model for a student photographer?

I just moved in L.A. and in unfamiliar territory. I just started taking photography classes and I need a model/models for a class projects. I find it difficult to get a model(s) especially when approaching people in public to ask if they could model for a (female)student photographer. Highschool students would like to model especially for free portraits but at a mention about having their parent or a guardian with them on the shoot to sign a model release they end up not doing it. So is there anybody...


Go to Orkut.com and start your account. Invite friends for whatever you have in mind and this is the...

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I need help finding a cheap but excellent photographer in NYC or Brooklyn for my 14th birthday?

My birthday is coming up in 2 months and i need help finding a really good but cheap photographer to help shoot pictures for me. Can you guys please help and find me one please asap.


Get the phone book out for Brooklyn. They are cheaper. Maybe, if you want it cheaper, contact a local...

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Need help finding a Spanish photographer?

So in my Spanish class we were given the project of looking up an artist from a Spanish speaking country so we can do a report and make a replica of one of this artist's works. So I chose to do a photographer because I suck at drawing and I have a pretty...


When I am unsure of something, I do a google search. In your case, I googled "best Spanish photographers...

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Need help finding a photographer for inspiration?

I need a fashion photographer or a portraitist who merges electronic or fantasy elements into the human body. It's kind of hard to google this, so any help? Thanks!


Here is one. Philippe Halsman Mr. Halsman was a very famous portrait photographer, however he worked...

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I need help finding a photographer I really like?

Im doing a homage to a photographer, like mimicking their work... And I'm having a hard time so who do you like? I do love Mary Ellen mark but I want somthing more urban or just edgy either modern or like vintage. Or who do you just personally like thank...


Keegan Gibbs Some of his photos: http://photodonuts.com/keegan-gibbs

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I need help finding a great bakery, photographer/video, and DJ in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area.?

Great places that are not low rate but won't break the bank either.


look on craigslist also contact event coordinators for lists ALWAYS ask for references and CONTACT them...

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Need help finding a wedding photo shoot location!?

need help finding a location for the photography at my wedding to take pictures! We wanted to do it at the beach, but the sun won't set until later on and my photographer is strongly advising me to not do the beach when the sun is so high! I guess it...


There are tons of parks in California if you want outdoor photos. Lakes, parks, botanical gardens. You...

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I need help more then anything right now!plz help me this is not a joke!?

Ok i talked to my dad(mom and dad are slip up) he asked me what i wanted to do bc im going to be done with school next year. I told he i want to be a photographer. he told me that i should be a nurse and that i would be making a lot of money. and i would...


Charles did understand your question. He answered it in a roundabout way, but his answer was more concise...

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